Battlefield 3 Single Player Campaign to Last "6-7 Hours"

GameRevolution: The Call of Duty franchise has long been criticized for its short single-player campaign length. Campaign length is just one area in which Battlefield 3 hopes to best the reigning champion of shooters.

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doctorstrange2233d ago

Coulda done with a couple more as I generally power through FPS', but this is still far better than a certain franchise.

evrfighter2233d ago

I still would rather their singleplayer was just bots in the mp maps. Spent many hours practicing my aim too em

Laxman2162232d ago

I quite liked Battlefield 2: Modern Combat's singleplayer mode. Had more focused objectives, but still huge areas and maps, kinda a mix between the trademark BF MultiPlayer experience and a traditional singleplayer shooter.

STONEY42232d ago

Battlefield 2 had a single-player mode? o.O I'm pretty sure it was conquest with bots.

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2233d ago

rest assured COD and BF have the same campaign lengths (3-5hrs) advertised by their developer as 6-7...its not a big deal considering how the fps in this particular genre greatly rely on shock and awe, high production values and a narrative that doesn't stop to develop an already familiar world-there is no need for prolonging a campaign that has these elements.

StraightPath2233d ago

Similar length to Call Of Duty campaigns, while cod campaigns are great bf3 needs to prove that its campaign is not tacked on.

Laxman2162232d ago

Personally, I only really play Call of Duty for the campaigns (I actually prefered them when they were still 'War' games like in the classic #2, but I still find them enjoyable), and agree that DICE needs to prove that BF is more than just an epic MP game (im still okay with that anyway, I love the MP). From what we've seen I think it will manage it.

BattleAxe2232d ago

I've enjoyed every CoD campaign, but the only Battlefield campaign I've really enjoyed was from Bad Company 1. When BC2 came out, I was so disappointed with the campaign because they took everything out that made BC1 great, except for the characters of course.

farhad2k82233d ago

Same as CoD then.. NICE!

ATi_Elite2233d ago

yeh for a game that is bought more for it's MP i think 6,7, or 8 hours is good enough! Lets you jump right into instant action and practice for the MP.

Now games like UC2 or HL2 should be epic 20+ hour adventures cause we are getting those for the SP experience!

ATi_Elite2233d ago

Cause NO one really gives a Darn about the BF3 SP campaign cause it only serves as a training ground for the weapons and vehicles of the MP!

BF3 is all about CONQUEST MODE!!

Pictures of you sitting in a F/A-18 super Hornet on a aircraft carrier waiting to launch do look exciting!

I still haven't played the BC2 Sp campaign yet :)

FAGOL2233d ago

Speak for yourself. I liked the single player campaign in BF:BC2 and BF3's campaign looks epic.

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kassatsu2233d ago

6-7 hours seems to be the sweet spot these days

Hufandpuf2233d ago

Yea, high and low points and varied enough so it won't be tedious. I'd be mad if I had to go through 10-15 hours of straight shooting.

gamingdroid2233d ago

I remember the days when 6-7 hours was short. Now it is the "sweet spot".

The good news is that it usually takes me far longer to finish games.

KaBaW2233d ago

Agreed. I'm usually a good 4-5 hours past these 'expected' lengths.

stormeagle62233d ago

Come on, this isn't an RPG we're talking about here. Given how fast-paced shooters are, it's really difficult from a design perspective to make a campaign longer than 6-7 hours that still manages to entertain all the way through without dragging.

STONEY42232d ago

Half-Life 2 was like, 17 or 18 hours. Didn't really drag at all IMO, even though it's extremely long for an FPS.

RankFTW2233d ago

I've spent like 6-7 hours today trying to get across a fucking bridge in Dark Souls >.<.

dbjj120882233d ago

That's fine with me... the multiplayer will take "years" :P

T3mpr1x2233d ago

That seems pretty short, but then you throw in a separate co-op campaign (of an unspecified length) and now you've got a nice play time.

gravemaker2233d ago

two times CoD's
very good, i'll play multiplayer for hundreds hours)

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