"Modern Warfare 3" developers answered readers' questions.

Those who responded were creative strategist Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward, and Sledge Hammer-founder and CEO Glen Schofield.

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Abdou232544d ago

I wonder how this got approved, it's not in English.

Furesis2544d ago

scroll down and you will find the questions there in english

Abdou232544d ago

ohh, didn't see it at first...

bjh0892544d ago

i was like wtf then scrolled down and was like oh lol

drsfinest722544d ago

pretty good questions i love the " why the hell do you come out with a cod game every year?"

Mikeyy2544d ago

Seems the mass majority of gamers don't realise COD has 2 different Developers.

thespaz2544d ago

I thought I noticed the graphics looked better. Especially the lighting. I actually believe the IW is trying to make this the best COD ever made.

I like the thing about being able to scroll through your killstreaks rewards