Gears of War 3: Horde Survival Guide

Console Monster writes:

Gears of War 3 is a great game. The single player story is outstanding and would probably have been the highlight of the game if they didn't have my favourite aspect, HORDE. Horde is a highly addictive game where the object is to survive 50 waves of enemy locust, with each wave getting harder and harder and after each set of ten waves you face the locust boss. At times it can be ridiculously difficult with a full ammo clip required to take down some enemies. One general rule applies, Horde should not be played alone.

So, you've got the game, you've given Horde a go and now you need help. Well here is my top 5 tips for you in order to survive Horde. Feel free to pick and choose which ones may assist you.

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SantistaUSA2422d ago

These are my top 5:
1. Make sure your teammates plan on playing all the way.
(very annoying playing couple of hours to have people quitting)
2. Make a good use of Silveback, it is a powerful machine.
3. Try to leave main boss for last specially Berserker!
4. Chainsaw as many as possible to preserve ammo.
5. Work as a team!

Playing on casual is too easy, and not as rewarding in my opinion.

newhumanbreed2422d ago

I have to differ on most of your tips.

1. A dedicated 5 man team.
2. Don't hog your money. Buy and upgrade everything. Sentry is useless unless you have the third updgraded sentry unlocked (the electricity shooting sentry). Silverback is pretty useless due to its low health and high price for repair. That money can be put toward upgrading and repairing more useful things.
3. Level 3+ turrets are a necessity.
4. Hope for Reavers every boss fight on levels 30+.
5. Use your starting weapons mostly; the ammo refills after every round on them.
6. Use the map to your advantage. Don't set up somewhere with little space. Don't set up somewhere where the enemy can flank you. Don't waste money on other bases unless it adds to your main base's defense. Always make sure you have enough breathing room when starting your start base.

biRdy2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

Silverbacks are great if you know how to use them, if you get the silverback to level 2 you get a 33% discount repair.

SantistaUSA2422d ago

* First waves are easy (normal), I save the money for later, I use Silverback virtually all the way, you just need to know how to use it and where to be in the map! (95% of the time I get most of the kills and it has unlimited ammo)

* I prefer turret level 2 as is still quite effective but not as costly to reload.

* True the starting weapons refills but it is still a huge concern as you only get 300 bullets for lancer and on later levels it is just not enough!

I've finished on maps Sandbar, Mercy and Thrashball, got to level 46/47 on Hotel and Old Town

VINNIEPAZ2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

I cant agree more with the articles #1 tip "Keep things you buy minimal". I never upgrade any barrier, decoy or turret over level 2. Just about anything at level 2 will get you through a wave and isn't insanely expensive as higher levels.

And SantistaUSA, I cant agree with you more. I like using the silverback, but people don't understand you cannot run out into the open with it or you'll get totally destroyed in no time. You have to find a good camp spot to use it effectively. Newhumanbreed, I can show you the difference a good silverback player can make.


SantistaUSA2422d ago

My first time with Silverback was horrible, but it didn't take me long to figure it out how to properly use it! One thing I learn is that when fighting Berserker I will not use it, they mainly go to you first and with one pass bye bye powerful machine :/

earbus2422d ago

Still cant believe how smooth it is out of the box no patches or fan whinging , most games seem broken untill patched this gen no fix needed is just an amazing accomplishment.

SantistaUSA2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

There is just one thing that they need to fix, when playing horde if the host quits, it resets the waves! sometimes it takes you back to wave 3 or 4, and sometimes it is completely over! That is the only flaw that I know about the game!

It is worth every penny :)

edited: I'm running out of bubbles :p lol