Binary Domain Pass or a Must get?

GamerFitNation's Rigo writes about Binary Domain and if its a must get or if you should pass this title up. "Binary Domain is a unique up and coming SEGA game which takes place in the near future (2080). You play as Dan Marshall, part of the "Rust Crew"."

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jc485732424d ago

I don't know, but I've been dying to play some cheesy games from Japan.

Rikitatsu2424d ago

A must get... If you like good games.

A pass, if you are superficial.

morganfell2423d ago

For me it is a must get. It isn't just the entire design whereby your actions affect squad support but there is something intriguing about their working of the Hollow Children aspect.

bfigaro2424d ago

Im going to have to say A MUST get!

fredolopez2424d ago

it definitely looks interesting, love the fact that it takes place in 2080!!

xtheownerzx2424d ago

The game looks good from the trailer I saw in the post but i'm still skeptical.

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The story is too old to be commented.