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Dart891928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Blah same old same old action movie.

@Below sure uncharted maybe the same but at least the story makes sense and were not jumping all over the place-_-.

Shaman1928d ago

It looked pretty great to me. Its over the top, sure, but so is Uncharted. If its closer to MW1 campaign than MW2 it should be great.

-Alpha1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

COD4 had an amazing SP campaign, this trailer looks good, but I have very little hope of it being more like COD4.


UC's story makes sense how, exactly? Nathan Drake should have died 20 times over, yet he manages to survive the most unbelievable of things. UC2 begins with him bleeding his guts out and then having those wounds magically healed by local tribesmen.

It's all in good fun. They aren't too different in terms of action.

morganfell1928d ago

The only reason I will get this game...Captain Price is back.

evrfighter1928d ago

Looks like crap

what? problem?

Sc0pe921928d ago

Are you seriously comparing Uncharted 3 to MW3? get real dude uncharted is nothing like anything we have seen this year. that game is on another degree of amazingness

guitarded771928d ago

Love it or hate it, that trailer is pretty sick... over the next few weeks I'll be getting Batman, Battlefield, Uncharted, Skyrim, Metal Gear Collection, Halo HD and CoD:MW3 in the mail... Oct/Nov is all kinds of hurting my wallet.

gamingdroid1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Dang! It looked pretty good to me too.

With the additional studios, it should hopefully add a little extra flair to it. Can't wait, CoD:MW has so far always delivered on the campaign and the spec-ops is sure to be full of awesomeness.

It's going to be pretty intense!!! Can't wait.

hotskys1928d ago


He's in every modern

Tarantino_Life1928d ago

To compare the animation, voice acting quality and chemistry between the characters in UC series to something like COD is blasphemy. COD fans enjoy your COD but please dont even compare the SP to something like UC for god's sake. There is more to Uncharted then just explosions.

TheGameFoxJTV1928d ago

Comment on UC3 after watching this.

THIS is how you improve upon a previous game.

JokesOnYou1928d ago

Sweet trailer, great game....let the haters do what they do, jealousy makes people say crazy things, either way it won't stop me for playing this game all year just like the last one.

blackbeld1927d ago

I buy this game! No matter what those critics may say i am buying this game.

MW3 > BF3

Yes, and I did play BF3 beta it s#cks.

Running around like 5min. no enemy found! And when you see them at last boom you're dead (CAMPERS). Then running all over again for 5min. before you can payback those campers!

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Sabre_G1928d ago

Michael Bay makes games??

StanLee1928d ago

I hope not. After sitting through 2 and a half hours of Transformers Dark of the Moon, I almost slit my wrists! Just awful!

StraightPath1928d ago

With the jealous fanboys aside we can all agree that the campaign does look like to be a very fun and epic rollercoaster ride of set pieces and spectacular levels.


Same old Cod haters/Trolls/BF fan boys who can't help but comment ignorant sh1t in a Cod article. We Cod fans love the Arcade gameplay. Just because u hate a game dose not mean others will. 20million fans don't care what a few thousand trolls online think.U people should get a life, r u so butt hurt that we love Cod????

Finger-Eater1928d ago

When MW3 was first revealed everyone was trolling and bashing it, now everyone is like"Day one" and complementing it.

damnyouretall1927d ago

mw3 looks like shit. new trailer looks like shit. thought about buying it for the single player but i havent seen anything impressive yet. but ive liked IW for years, so ill wait for a few reviews. no day one and no complements here :)

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Hufandpuf1928d ago

I'm a Battlefield fan, but MW's campaigns have always been good and over the top.

retrofly1928d ago

COD trailers are better than the actual single players modes.

MP for the win.

WiIIiam1928d ago

Better than what Hollywood has been putting out lately.

tdrules1928d ago

exactly, I wonder how many people shit on COD but regard every Michael Bay movie TEH GREATIST

gamingdroid1928d ago

What if you like both? :D

Biggest1927d ago

Then there is no hope for you.

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