Mud, Sweat and Tears. Off-Road Drive Review.- LAG

Racing games are often about either an Arcade feel, or plenty of realism. Off-Road games did not gain much popularity, since it is often difficult to create a similar environment, where races do not necessarily start with the thought “I must be first” but rather “I will hopefully get there, sooner or later.”. Does Off-Road Drive simulate Off-Road races properly? Or is it a fizzle of an attempt?

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bumnut2508d ago

This game is pretty good, it makes a nice change playing an off road game that actually requires skill. Im looking at you Dirt 3.

WriterX2508d ago

Enjoyed it a lot myself. It is one of those games where you have to think a bit before you act, and learn something new, rather than just use whatever you learned from previous games.

Bokan2508d ago

Looks interesting at the very least, might have to give it a try.

aawells072508d ago

Ive played it and its decent but it felt like it just needed some more time in the oven for polish imo. Id love a 4x4 type game that had one large map that you could roam in and it had pretty much all enviroments that would be in a 4 wheeling park with trails, mudpits, steep hills to climb, sand, and snow. Id love a game like that.