Activision's Promising New Franchise: 'Skylanders'

Activision will release "Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure" on October 16. The concept of Skylanders merges physical action figures, such as a purple dragon called Spyro, with a video game realm built for children.

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WhiteLightning2473d ago



They've ruined Spryo, if you wanted to appeal to kids these days you should of created a franchise from scatch instead of craping all over Spyro. Let's face it if kids want to get into games then they should be given the same kind of games that were released in the good old days....not watered down crap that rely on these toys to sell them game.

rumplstilts2472d ago

Watered down? Have you ever played Spyro? The first game was incredibly simple.

1. Gather Gems
2. Kill 2 variations of the same enemy (Aside from reskin)
3. Jump and Glide
4. Chase egg Thief
5. Occasionally find hidden secret area.

The original Spyro is a very watered down game in comparison to other contemporary platformers like Crash Bandicoot and Mario. And you make yourself sound like an old man referring to the 90's as "the gold old days"

You know, whatever you were playing as a kid will always seem like "the good old days" no matter what period you're from. Others looked upon games that you enjoy from that time with the same scorn and distaste you have for this game. (Which you haven't even played btw). In the end everything you said was short sighted and ill-conceived. Don't pollute the comments section with stuff like this.

aPerson2471d ago


He wasn't referring to the original Spyro games when he said "watered down crap". He was talking about Skylanders.

SilentNegotiator2471d ago


Oh please, you could devalue Mario the exact same way.

1. Gather coins/stars
2. Kill Bowser 3 times using the same mechanic
3. Jump and punch
4. Race
5. Occasionally find hidden secret area.

.....and then we would both be ignoring some very great things from both and not giving either full credit.

BTW, do you SERIOUSLY think that Crash was more complex than Spyro?

rumplstilts2471d ago


But Mario has actual level design. Spyro's levels were extremely simple. Mario combines it's elements to create new challenges and is always throwing new tricks into the gauntlet whether it be auto-scrolling levels or a new enemy type. Mario has far more solid design than any of the original Spyro trilogy.

Crash too was far more complex then Spyro. The summation of Spyro's gameplay was collecting all of the gems in the level. The enemies were always incredibly simple to defeat, Bosses were garbage, and there were no puzzles or anything to vary the gameplay. Spyro 2 and 3 do spice it up a bit to alleviate this but they still don't match up to other platforming heavyweights. Crash had you on waterjets, scubadiving, flying planes, riding tigers and doing tons of other crazy things to create variation in the gameplay. Spyro 3 had a kangaroo.

Before you cry bias I was weaned on Spyro. I spent countless hours playing those games. But when you're young you don't realize that you are the one injecting fun and imagination into your games, not the other way around.

zeal0us2473d ago

Activision's Promising New Franchise: 'Skylanders' and......overprice dlc if any are to be made.

EcoSos32473d ago

Lets say the game only has 6 figures and i think there's going to be like 20 so you'll have to buy 14 separate figures and i bet the dlc is also separate.

mistajeff2472d ago

"skylanders" is awfully close to "skyrim", i think bethesda should sue.

showtimefolks2472d ago

but you are the same publisher who just messed up the sequel for spiderman. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions had a great foundation but how come this newest spiderman game went backwards. Instead of improving on a solid foundation somehow you all mess it up

look at batman sequel how they have improved upon everything from the 1st batman game

activision is a one game company and soon that one game will die a slow death. Instead of actually investing some money into some great games all they are doing are releasing crappy games all year than release a COD and they come on top

not trying to hate on their success but just hoping that they soon change a little bit and improve the quality of games they release

Relientk772472d ago

Thank you. Thank you Activision for ruining Spyro the Dragon for me and everyone


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