Is Dark Souls Too Hard?

CNet: Back in 2009 From Software's Demon's Souls made numerous game-of-the-year lists because of its innovative crowd-sourced hinting system, but at the same time honoring the tough-as-nails mentality that seems to have been lost in modern gaming.

Dark Souls is Demon's Souls spiritual successor. It doesn't continue any sort of linear story, but most of the mechanics remain in tact, including the unforgiving difficulty of the game.

But in a landscape where regenerative health and multiple save points are the norm, can Dark Souls find a place amongst the mainstream?

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jony_dols2541d ago

It's obviously an excellent game,
but I just don't have the patience required to play it!

UNCyrus2541d ago

I can sympathize with him. As a dad, it's not about patience, but rather the lack of time available to commit to a game like this.

-Alpha2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Should have thought about Dark Souls BEFORE you had your kid there, Cyrus :P

I have a friend who leaves randomly to take care of his child too. Everybody's getting older :(

At least you can introduce the game to your kid. Then you can live your dream through him like all other parents do.

MariaHelFutura2541d ago

I only have one question. Can you pause this game?

UNCyrus2541d ago

@Maria -- No, you cannot pause

Solidus187-SCMilk2541d ago

you cant pause, but if you chose exit game from the menu it will let you resume from exactly where you were when you turn it back on. If you die though you have to go back to the stones and you may not make it back to get all your souls.

I die alot in this game. I was just making good progress in the Depths. I was killing the crap out of a bunch of frogs that were easy and giving me alot of souls. then all of the sudden one hit me and I found out about the curse it can put on me that makes me die instantly and only have half of my HP available even after spawning till I find a cure(I dont have it on me).

This game is crazy. It is very challenging and open so you have to figure out the places you can go by trial and error. I was able to do everything by myself only reading messages the entire game, but for one boss I was getting destroyed by i recruited 2 people and we we able to destroy him pretty easily.

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Philoctetes2541d ago

"But in a landscape where regenerative health and multiple save points are the norm, can Dark Souls find a place amongst the mainstream?"

Who cares? This game isn't trying to be a "mainstream" title. I'm happy that it's gotten lots of press and is apparently selling well, but hats off to From for not selling out and staying true to their niche.

-Alpha2541d ago

Irony is that it's by not being mainstream that it's been so successful.

DaReapa2541d ago

That's the thing that puzzles me in that so many companies are so afraid to take "risks", but opt to go the "safe" route, and in most cases have to settle with lower than expected results. Whereas lately niche projects like LA Noire, Heavy Rain, Catherine, possibly Dark Souls, and the likes have all seen some form of success - even with little to no marketing.

ljh2172541d ago

I agree. No-one is forcing anyone to buy Dark Souls, so for that reason it's not too hard. The market is so full of casual games that it's not as if this one game is restricting causal gamers choice.

Bathyj2541d ago

"Cos youre not hardcooooore, unless you live HARDCOOOORE !"

geddesmond2541d ago

Well all I can say is the game is 10 times harder than demon souls. Throw in that poor excuse of only 40 pages out of the 300 pages Namco made available to the limited edition downloadable stratagy guide and this game will eat you up. I seriously can't get past that red fire dragon. I've tried everything.

FunAndGun2541d ago

Not trying to sound like an ass, but did you run halfway down the bridge and go down the stairs?

or are you much farther than that and actually fighting the dragon?

geddesmond2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Lol I just found the staircase 5 minutes after writing that. I was running to the left and waiting for the dragon to pass then I tryed sprinting for the door. It was only because I was avoiding the skeletons in that area that I found the staircase on the right.


Yeah I noticed you can take a few more hits from the lesser enemies but when you met a phantom or a boss its usually far away from the bonfire and your not expecting to run into them and 90% of the time they kill you. Plus I'm not that far into this game but in demon souls you coul use rings and ghost form to do stealth attacks. So far its hard sneaking up on strong enemies

FunAndGun2541d ago

Also a little tip....if you shoot the dragon's tail with arrows a bunch of times, it will give you a special sword.

BigBoss072541d ago

You can actually make the dragon fly away by getting to the archway and bonfire underneath.

Once you come back up the stairs, run back down really quickly so the dragon kills all the enemies. Go back up and run to the far left wall to avoid his fire.

shoot an arrow and right after you shoot it, Sprint as fast as you can to the archway. Once at the archway, go to the far right of the statue into those doorways and the dragon will fly away for some reason.

Give it a shot. It gives you a closer bonfire and avoids those pesky rats.

agentace2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I reckon its easier than demons souls, you can take alot more hits. but im only at the 3rd boss so hopefully it gets harder later on.

Listen to FunAndGun to get past the dragon.

Solidus187-SCMilk2541d ago

I just ran and went to the right and down the stairs.

Even sometimes he would burn me and I would still be alive and could make it.

Alos882541d ago

It's not too hard, I'm just not har- er, tough enough.

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