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The original Syndicate was a cult classic on the PC, with a real-time tactical approach to the battlefield. Fast forward to present time and a new Syndicate game is in the works – but it might shock fans of the old games, because it is a completely different beast. PSLS recently got to sit down with the game in Sin City and play about with the title.

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dbjj120882503d ago

This looks awesome. Of course... I never played the original.

LostTokens2503d ago

Sounds interesting, a little "Jennifer Government" in nature. I could get behind this.

stormeagle62503d ago

I remember reading and re-reading the strategy guide for the entire game that was in one of my old magazines... I never played Syndicate, but I felt like I had after that.

ATi_Elite2503d ago

Looking forward to Syndicate.

I'll admit i was skeptical at first but i saw a game play video that really gave off a modern Deus Ex feel.

BigWoopMagazine2503d ago

This game looks pretty sweet. Definitely gotta check it out later.

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