Who hasn’t accepted Sony's new Terms of Service Agreement?

CCU: Sooo Sony outsmarted us gamers again huh?

Just when you thought the remnants of the hacking were gone, Sony attempts to secure it’s future with this new Terms of Service Agreement.

A few weeks back, in a move to protect their business, once again they used the one thing they know gamers want and need — the PSN. Forced us to sign a Terms of Service Agreement, while making it seem like we had a choice, all of this so we wouldn’t sue Sony or partake in a joint lawsuit.

So I got to ask...

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e-p-ayeaH2540d ago

Still is a free service so i cant complain.

SKUD2539d ago

Who even has real deep pockets to pay for a legal team to go after Sony or Microsoft?. Blood sucking lawyers.

Micro_Sony2539d ago

Geohotz had enough money with donation from the the hack community of course.

I think Sony lawyers even sent him $1 to his paypal account to help continue the war.

CarlosX3602539d ago


But if you don't want to agree to the ToS Sony made, then you can't play online games on PSN. You can't get past that lil' agreement screen. I tried different buttons... Nothing.

@e-p-ayeaH: When I said "you" I meant in general, so don't take offense okay? Thanks. :)

Biggest2539d ago

What else did you expect? If you don't like the terms, don't play online. Seem simple enough.

Codeman4202539d ago

Who are these random sites ppl keep using???

HappyWithOneBubble2539d ago

It's most likely the people who run the site. They come to N4G to get their site notice and more views.

ChrisW2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

If you like or don't like the website or what you read, just click on the site's name below "Read full Story >>" and then rate the site and story.

It won't keep random sites from submitting stories, but at least the authors will know what you think of them.

LNDCalling2539d ago

Me.. not sure it came to UK but I would have agreed anyway!

Micro_Sony2539d ago

LOL....Me too - I just click on agree to everything because the terms and services thing is so dam long to read.

Should stop that because one day I will agree to something that can come back and bite me.

retro2539d ago

This new terms are not valid anyways... I can't imagine that any court of justice is accepting a rule that forbids others to get sued.

Because then every company would have such clauses e.g. "Bank Robbery Inc." would be founded just to have a business term that says you can't sue us if we rob a bank.

Yeah, righty riiiight. Sony is just a funny company.

bobtheimpaler2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

They haven't taken away an individual's right to sue. No ones rights in a legal sense has been affected.

SilentNegotiator2539d ago

Yes, because waivers never hold up in court.


TopDudeMan2539d ago

The new terms still haven't came up on my PS3. I have the latest firmware but I never agreed to the new terms. How does that work?

bobtheimpaler2539d ago

I never had to agree to new terms either except for my US account. I didn't have to download any firmware either.

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The story is too old to be commented.