Destructoid | An In-Depth Look at Battlefield 3's Campaign (PS3)

Casey Baker writes: Yesterday at EA's Final Hours event, I had a chance to check out a nice slice of Battlefield 3's single-player campaign on the PlayStation 3. After putting in some hours with the multiplayer beta at home, I was a little concerned about how the graphics in the console iterations would translate as compared to the jaw-droppingly beautiful vistas of the PC version.

Fortunately, my playthrough put most of my fears to rest related to the console ports of what was genuinely designed as a PC graphical spectacle. In every gameplay mode I played, whether in the campaign or the varied multiplayer modes, I felt both excited at what had been accomplished on the console side of things, and at times even surprised at what awesome graphical tricks the new Frostbite 2.0 engine brings to the table.

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xXtremeHDGamerXx2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Graphics looks amazing on PS3

chriski3332541d ago

yes but will there be dinosaurs???

DigitalRaptor2541d ago

That's off-screen footage! Will never look nearly as good as direct-feed, and even then it will look better on your HDTV than on a compressed Youtube video!

Statix2541d ago

" is nearly as graphically beautiful and exciting on the PS3 as the initial PC trailers made it seem."

Hopefully this statement proves true. If the PS3 version looks even half as good as some of the PC trailers, I'll be one happy camper.

kikizoo2541d ago

"half" are you mad ? :)

the guy is saying "nearly" (it's much 90/95% than 50)

and more than that, it prove the fact that ps3 version is really good and people have to stop comparing beta multiplayer, with pc solo trailers !

qwertyz2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

the ps3 won't look nearly half as good as the pc version which will be a generation ahead of the console versions when maxed out. dice has stated this themselves the pc version will make the ps3 and 360 versions look last gen but thats only because consoles have been outdated for years now so its not even fair to compare the two.

the ps3 verison may be slighly better than the 360 version though. but if those screens are from the ps3 version then BF3 ps3 is the best looking fps on consoles(don't know about the 360 version because I haven't seen it)

MysticStrummer2541d ago

I wonder how many people who (stupidly) cancelled their preorders because of the beta will change their minds before release.

Kaneda2541d ago

This is damage control article.. :)

Grimhammer002541d ago

Hmmm, I stuck through...kept my preorder. So this is good news. But I was all selling myself on mw3+crap elite (for the no fuss dlc for the year).


I mean, can't own both....I play mp a lot, can't dedicate to both.

Bonerboy2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I can understand the backseat approach to the jet level...If one had control over the flying aspect then there would be invisible "walls" or out of bounds type borders and of course players would inevitably bitch about it... even more so than the amount of forthcoming bitching over they way it has been designed. Gamers are so rarely happy...always complaining about this or that.

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