Gravity Rush is my First Must-Own PlayStation Vita Game (Destructoid)

Hamza CTZ Aziz writes: There's always that one game, the one that finally helps someone decide if they're really going to invest hundreds of dollars into a brand new gaming system. I've been hesitant about getting the PlayStation Vita, as nothing has really impressed me yet. That is, until I saw Gravity Rush for the first time this past week.

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LeBronista2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Gravity kick that Italian plumber! :)

remanutd552416d ago

it is one of my must have vita titles but my most anticipated vita game is Resistance Burning Skies , im a huge Resistance fan

user98412882416d ago

looks good. I haven't had a handheld since the gameboy advance but I really think the vita maybe worth it.

fantasygamer2416d ago

Seems like Vita will have one of the best launch line ups for a system in a long time.

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