Uncharted designer hints at a long episodic future

In a recent interview, Co-lead designer of the Uncharted series discussed the game's future and whether it was a trilogy or an ongoing set of episodes.

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Ju2422d ago

I was curious when the gaming industry would start picking that up. UC - Season 4, or something. Works for TVs lately. Smaller chew-able campaigns released as episodic TCL. I am surprised nobody tried that yet.

Relientk772422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

The Uncharted series must go to Atlantis it is perfect for the franchise. Nathan Drake must find, explore, and/or save Atlantis.

lashes2ashes2422d ago

they cant... kratos broke it. lol

Relientk772422d ago

If he broke it, he can fix it lol

Infernostew2422d ago

Before any info on UC3 came out, I was speculating that his next adventure would be to find Atlantis. I think it would be really cool and their advancements of water tech could be extraordinary. I guess we'll have to wait for UC4 on the PS4 to see if we'll be meeting that local.

Relientk772422d ago

Yea before the locations for Uncharted 3 was announced everyone was guessing where it would take place

top guesses were:
Japan and/or China
some place in Europe


Relientk772422d ago

Then you should go to a supermarket, Weagmans, or your local grocery store and pick some milk up dude. Milk only lasts about 2 weeks, it doesnt last forever.

Jobesy2422d ago

He's still breastfeeding.

gillri2422d ago

whoa imagine what an Uncharted 4 on PS4 would look like?

WhiteLightning2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

They should do "Character POV" DLC

By that I mean what happens to other characters when they leave Drake untill they then meet up with him again

Take Uncharted 2 for example when Nathan and Elena are watching the trains and he tells Elena to get one of those 4x4...they then go their seperate ways, what did Elena go through to get that 4x4?

I know Uncharted is supposed to be about the Hero, Nathan Drake but since it's DLC it would be nice to focus on other characters.

What about if Elena can climb things only a half of what Drake can but she's not very steady with a gun and she has to rely on stealth while playing her

or maybe Sully can't climb and run like Drake but he's a great shot when in a shoot out making the gameplay more action like......come on Sully the action hero, we all want that to happen :)

Kyosuke_Sanada2422d ago

That's sounds like a good idea. Heavy Rain looked like it was taking that approach a few years back which really made me excited but then the project was canned to make it Move compatible.

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