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Battlefield 3 has been in beta for a little while now and over this past weekend I had some solid time to really dedicate in playing the map that was available to me. While I really enjoyed the game at this point in it’s incomplete development there are some things that really worried me about its progress.

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Mystogan2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

I think it should be delayed, and it probably will. there were so many bugs in the 1 month old beta that i don't think they can get even 90% of them out in time for release.

I do hope im wrong and that the game will be perfect for release

Septic2543d ago

Have you guys played on Caspian Border?? It is epic.

You'll all see the folly of your ways come release time

Agent-862543d ago

Just played 3 rounds and the map really is epic! This is Battlefield!

Virus2012543d ago

I don't think i should be delayed. The alpha didn't these glitches so I believe that the beat was a pre alpha build.

hiredhelp2543d ago

Tottally agree to Virus201
I played the alpha was nothing like we had in the beta. i still beleave this beta wasnt even a beta some what chucked to gether from a really early realese.
To do as dice stated a stress test on server's hence why they stated everyone who is seeing these major bug's will not see in retail copy's

ALPHA had non of these issues this bad.

finbars752543d ago

Are you kidding.When was the last time you played the beta?last night I played it and all the holes in the ground and the freezing ect are all fixed.I'm playing it on the ps3 but other then that no I don't think it needs to be pushed at all.They are doing everything they said they would.The graphics look a lot better on the final build.Did you watch game trailers last night? Probally not because if you did you would have seen how polished it was compared to the beta.Yes that's right a beta not a dam demo because there wouldn't be such a drastic change in gameplay and graphics.Dice knows what there doing and if you didn't like the beta then go play another game that will be broken day one while the rest of us who understand the beta format and how good dice truly is then it's one less cry baby to deal with.

princejb1342543d ago

nope the beta should have been delayed not the final game

FragGen2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

I don't see an issue if it gets a release day update for the client and any major server side patches that are necessary are in place come release day. You got to remember that on a multiplayer system there are two main things being run: the server side code and the client side code. You get the client side code on your disc but DICE can update servers all the way up to release without affecting anything.

farhad2k82543d ago

YES! Please delay to save the franchise!!

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RahatR2543d ago

Well there are hilarious issues on the PC but I hope these are fixed soon.

Hufandpuf2543d ago

You guys didn't see the current versions footage I guess? The game runs fine.

Hufandpuf2543d ago

Yeah, my comment was directed torwards the article writer, but im pretty sure he wrote this before he saw them.

jaidek2543d ago

They are going up against MW3 this holiday season and if they want to be a lasting contender in the FPS multiplayer arena (both personal and tournament level) they need a strong, polished release.

FragGen2543d ago

Right. Because we KNOW MW3 WON'T have ANY glitches whatsoever! ;) LOL!

Fishy Fingers2543d ago

You dont know what state the 'finalised' build is in. So basically we're just jumping to conclusions based on the beta.

Their mission will be to release before MW3, there can be no delays. Just hope the retail build is in better shape, if not, moan away internet, do what you do best.

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