FraggedNation Dark Souls Review - Traverse the White Light

Dark Souls, the critically acclaimed successor to Demons Souls, is finally here and lives up to every expectation players could have had, and then some. Innovative multiplayer systems that motivate players to participate lead to a very interesting take on how players can interact in a solitary world. With the combination of panicked, exhilarating music and gothic setting, players won't even need to be fighting anything to be afraid. Horrible monsters, devious traps, and the constant threat of real punishment from death, all contribute to the theme of Dark Souls: absolute desolation.

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xxxAnubisxxx2473d ago

Picked RAGE up instead... wonder if that was a mistake!

venfayth2473d ago

Depends on how much you like to die :D

Mutant-Spud2473d ago

Dark Souls is an "instant classic" as they say, it'll still be played and talked about for years so I wouldn't worry about missing out.
From what I understand Rage has some unique multiplayer elements, which usually means in 3-6 months the community will dwindle as people drift back to C.O.D or other console Stalwarts, make the most of the game now and pick up DS at a later date.
Plus DS has been patched but there are still bugs, the camera goes nuts sometimes in tight spaces and results in unfair deaths, bugs are a buzzkill in a game that's hard already so hopefully they'll be ironed out by the time you get to it ;)

Solidus187-SCMilk2473d ago

I loved demons souls and So far dark souls is great too.

I recently beat the belltower demons by myself and was so happy. Then I got two people to help me kill the capra demon, because I needed some help on that guy.

shotright2473d ago

Great article. I plan on picking this up soon, just so much coming out soon