OXCGN’s Fallout: New Vegas DLC Review: Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners’ Arsenal


"What’s a lonesome courier to do when he suddenly finds himself loaded for bear with a small army’s worth of warring equipment? Naturally, he takes a cocktail of hard drugs, and goes on a murderous rampage on the Vegas strip.

"At least, that’s how I chose to utilize the new cache of items that can be found in the two latest sets of downloadable content for Fallout: New Vegas: Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners’ Arsenal.

"The former combines the four item packs that could be earned as pre-order bonuses into one comprehensive set, and the latter adds an impressive number of new weapons, ammunition, and modifications.

C"ourier’s Stash will run you $1.99, and Gun Runners’ Arsenal is a little pricier, at $3.99. But don’t be fooled, the discrepancy between the two downloads is greater than these numbers would suggest."

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Proeliator2541d ago

Hmm... I'm against massive amounts of different pre-order bonuses, but when they sell them later for a meager price, I can't complain... but these are complaint worthy to begin with :P

gaminoz2541d ago

It sure seems the go, doesn't it? You have to choose which store to buy from which has the best pre-order DLC (exclusive to them of course) or hope that it isn't that great or that it is eventually released on Live or PSN to buy.

Luckily most of it is just skins or taunts, but occasionally it's an extra level or something.

I'm still impressed with the amount of post launch content Fallout has had.