Can The Xbox Survive In Japan?

The 360 just hasn't been able to drum up a whole lot of interest in Japan. In fact, the PS2 is currently almost selling as many new units as the 360 over there, and sales have been so underwhelming that the 360 has been taken off the shelves of several Japanese retailers.

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aviator1892506d ago

I just don't think a good majority of gamers in the region want anything xbox-related even though there are still a few people there who want an xbox or have one.

fluffydelusions2506d ago

I think most people who purchased one are probably in the military and stationed there.

Biggest2506d ago

That is a true statement. The NEX throws some awesome Xbox promotions and events.

kreate2506d ago

we purchase our consoles from the PX. an american store inside the base. we dont go outside base and buy a console from a japanese retailer unless its something the px or american retailers doesnt carry.

not only is it pricier, u might need yen instead of dollars, and there's no point in doing this. px is also tax free.

basically the xbox numbers sold in japan are most likely, not bought by US military personnel.

forgive me if i am mis-understanding u.

Biggest2506d ago

The PX and NEX are one and them same. All run by AAFES/NEX network. It's more or less the same in the states. I would go to the NEX/PX more often than not for just about everything. You can not beat tax free.

Tony P2506d ago

While I agree with the reasons the 360 isn't a big hit over there, I think it misses a good question:

Does it rally matter if they can't survive in Japan?

Combo2506d ago

I see no reason to think the Xbox brand isn't completely effed in japan

hmmmm2506d ago

Yeah it's not doing too well.

Although have you played much Gears 3 Horde mode? There are a lot of Asians playing horde mode. You can tell when the game is being hosted by someone in Asia as all the enemy names display as [][| and the like as my game disc doesn't contain the Asian fonts.

Well that and when they speak they speak chinese, korean etc.

BabyTownFrolics2506d ago

can i buy an xbox in japan years after its launch?

if the answer is yes then it has at the very least survived.

Infernostew2506d ago

You can find almost all consoles in Japan. I know that anmonth or so back there was an article saying that a lot of retailers in Japan would be cutting their stock entirely of 360s. That right there is not a good sign and neither is their sales numbers for that matter.

PimpDaddy2506d ago

It won't be successful to the level of the Wii or PS3. But they still have to maintain a presence there.

I'm not sure that a Microsoft console will ever gain a major foothold in Japan. At the same time though Microsoft can't just ignore the Japanese region.

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The story is too old to be commented.