The Scariest Games We’ve Played

Earlier this week we asked you to share your most memorable scary moments in video game history. You guys didn’t disappoint!

We received great responses via email and on Facebook so we would like to share them with you here. You might be surprised with a couple of the games on the list.


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morganfell2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Whether it is the look of the game, the incredible models and MOCAP, the fact you are not packing an arsenal for defense, or the downright creepiness of the game, Siren Blood Curse takes the bloody cake for me.

EVILDEAD3602538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

As a huge horror fan and gamer Ive run across the best of em in their prime.

Resident Evil was the first game to truly scare the masses. It of course started the whole console survival horror genre.

The original Silent Hill was another step forward as that game brought more than scares it terror..but it was the sequel on the original xbox that blew me away at the time in terms of graphics and spind that took the SH franchise to new heights.

But the scariest game came when Fatal Frame arrived outside of Japanese shores. The game brought so much terror in fact there aren't many who I've come across who can claim they beat it. I used go dare people to make it past the first 15 minutes whe I watched and only a small percentage of people could do it.

Condemned was a step forward graphically and presentation wise for horror games as well as Fear both taking the FP route.

Not as good but the Wii had a tale on Juon and if it had better production vies it could have been a really scary game.

Most franchise diluted the scares as they went forward. I'd love finally get around to Deadly Premonition and a few others.

But for me the crown still belongs to Fatal Frame. Even games like Siren are clearly inspired by it.

zerocrossing2538d ago

Id have to go with the Fatal Frame(Project Zero) franchise, the games usual put you in control of a helpless young girl being terrorised by all kinds of ghosts/phantoms and tortured souls with your only weapon being the "Camera Obscura" a camera that deals more damage the closer you get to watever's trying to kill you! O.o

Horny2538d ago

Most recently I would say Siren is the best. Wish the game had a bigger release it deserved more attention and I didn't even play all the chapters.
Fatal frame was great, it needs a proper remake.

ZILLA2538d ago

nothing else comes close(period)

monkey6022538d ago

Man I must be the only horror game fan who hated Siren to it's very core!

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The story is too old to be commented.