Bioware Will Continue to Stray From the “Core” RPG

Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk of Bioware stated in a recent interview with Eurogamer that their focus on implementing more action into their games is a real and likely possibility.

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vyralx2542d ago

ohh what a surprise

Tony P2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

BioWare, BioWare, BioWare.

BioWare has always told stories, and done so through the lens of a genre we call RPGs. Now they don't wanna make RPGs. That's fine. As they point out, they can always tell stories in other ways.

But why exactly do they pretend as if that's some kind of undiscovered country in gaming? All they really do is make a game with choice while poaching design elements from better selling franchises. It's about the money.

Again, no problem with that. Everyone has bills to pay.

I just don't appreciate BioWare claiming they make the best RPGs, then basically saying "fuck em'" in the next sentence.

Meanwhile you have guys like CDProjekt make The Witcher, which is essentially Mass Effect with swords, but ironically manages to please a lot of RPG fans.

All I'm saying is, there seems to be a way to both succeed and please a good bit of your fans. And it isn't by hinting at a portion of your fanbase that you couldn't care less about them.

Jacks_Medulla2542d ago

And I will continue to not purchase their games.

Blacktric2542d ago

Good for you. Feeling more cool and hip yet?

Jacks_Medulla2542d ago

I don't feel cool and hip; I AM cool and hip.

Theo11302542d ago

You're dead to me Bioware, Just like Crytek

Farsendor12542d ago

don't get the purpose or what they are trying to do they haven't gotten good reviews with dragon age 2 and some people didn't like mass effect 2 as much as 1 so why keep changing it

DankJemo2542d ago

This isn't all that unexpected. In fact, I think at this point in Bioware's history, everyone expects them to deviate from your standard RPG. Mass Effect continues to evolve with each game, which is something I look forward to. Dragon Age I didn't like that much and I've talked to quite a few people that don't like those games and they follow the standard RPG very closely.

Obviously it all comes down to taste, so it's not like your an idiot if you enjoy the games, I just think that Bioware has done a lot better with their own flavor of RPG rather then trying to stick to the status quo.

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