Todd Howard discusses Skyrim quests and DLC

In a recent interview Todd Howard discusses whether gamers can return to the game once the main Skyrim quest is completed, and the DLC which will be released with Skyrim.

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Dan_Vivian2418d ago

That was one of the things that bugged me most with Fallout :/ Glad they learned.

BeOneWithTheGun2418d ago

I agree. This is quite good news. We could see dlc 20 hours+! Id buy that for 14.99!

pipipi2417d ago

agree but i hope not 20hrs+ fighters guild like quests, example: "go to bravil from chorrol just to know that maglir defaulted again, then come back to chorrol and say to modryn oreyn that he defaulted, all that just to be send to leyawinn" shesh the most anoying guild ever!!!
and for the record i dont use travel fast, so you can se why my objection lol

Mopaw2417d ago

Even if they only had one expansion that was the same quality and quantity as The Shivering Isles, I would be quite happy with that