Gran Turismo On PlayStation Vita: The Portable GT Fans Deserve

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Gran Turismo PSP was years in the making. In fact, the game appeared alongside the system in 2004, but didn't officially debut until 2009. Fans waited five long years to get their hands on a portable GT, only to discover a game devoid of online multiplayer and a Career mode.

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remanutd552543d ago

yes we do and motorstorm too

banjadude2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Even if it doesn't arrive (a portable version), at least we can look forward to a [possible] remote play option.

contra1572543d ago

I hope 1 of the best racing simulators ever made make it onto the vita the playstation portable was incredible I can only imagine what the vita will have to offer :)

Series_IIa2543d ago

GT on the PSP was pretty good, it was just everything was a bit too squashed on the screen and was hard to identify a few corners and marking and yeah no career mode and lack of car upgrades was sucky. A PS Vita game would sort this problem without a doubt.

Ddouble2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

To be honest, as long as remote play on the Vita is good I'll rather have that with GT5 and let them focus on GT6 or Tourist Trophy

mr_epsym_knird2543d ago

How about the guys with no PS3? How would they remote play GT5? Buy A PS3? Genius. And how would you play a game outside in places where there is no wifi? Could you really leave your PS3 switch on everytime you go outside?

Ddouble2542d ago

I'm just assuming most GT fans would have a PS3 by now but still a valid point. Also PSV in Japan will also get the option of 14MB internet for 3G and you can switch the PS3 on/off remotely. Thats how the automatic updates and trophy syncing works.

My point is that it took some time to make GT5 because they had to make GT for the PSP. Why not just focus on GT6 to not have the delay that we had with GT5.

If they decide to outsource it to other people while overlooking the development then fine by me but if they don't want to do that because they feel it won't be as good then they should focus on GT6

mr_epsym_knird2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

You're still assuming though.

And most people who will buy a Vita is going for wifi. So having 3G as a means for remote play outside your home is probably going to be not as widespread as you might think it's going to be. And the worst thing about remote play is it's an investment that needs $250-500 for it to work. It's not going to be that bad if you have a PS3 but not all PS3 gamers are going to buy a Vita just to stream their games on an OLED screen, it's not going to work that way.

Then blaming GTPSP for GT5's delay is not quite a good argument IMO. PD still half-ass done the game with the 5 year delay. If anything, we should all blame PS3's architecture for making developers have a hard time making games for it. Still, PSP game development isn't as a pain in the ass compared to PS3 so PD has no excuse for the 5 year delay considering it was announced the same week as GT4(imagine a PS2 game) lol , the lack of career mode, and the absence of online play when other developers can DO it . They have a problem with time management and that's delaying them.

And let's face it. GT6 isn't going to happen this generation. It's way better if they are currently in development for a GTVITA game already, give GT5 spec updates every now and then and prepare GT6 for PS4 without missing launch lineup. How easy is that? It doesn't really matter how they do it, recruit more staff or outsource manpower from other SCEJ studios. Vita is a developer dream. If they couldn't bring a GT game for that handheld in 2012 or 2013, something's definitely wrong with them.

hkgamer2541d ago

Alot of people has a mobile phone, it is safe to presume that their phone is able to share an internet connection with other wifi devices.

I understand that not all gamers will have a PS3 or a Vita, but it would be great option for gamers that have both. If not then atleast release a port which could share the save file.

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