Savvy Spenders: Why Waiting to Buy Games Can Be the Smarter Option

GameZone's Stephanie Carmichael lists several reasons why it is better to wait to buy new games than to get them right away. Some reasons are that games are overhyped and they are more expensive when new.

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Marcus Fenix2474d ago

waiting 4 a game that u want badly is very hard.

DemonStration2474d ago

This is the truth, but if you're smart you can afford more games. Play more games and you'll be less hyped for the newer ones, making it easier to wait.

sonicblastoise2474d ago

It's true that it's hard to wait for games you really want, but the other part of it is is that there are so many games out there at various price points that you can probably find a cheaper (or older) substitute to hold you over until that price drops.

Even if you can't, patience is a virtue and your wallet will thank you. :)