Forza 4 'is the finest racing simulator of this generation'

IncGamers: Turn 10's latest raises the bar for burning rubber.

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Number_132541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

YOU'LL do well not to forget that.
Highest rated racing game series this generation. Only racing series where ALL games score 90 or above critical rating
Edit: FACT*
*It's funny because it's true

Number_132541d ago

than a game you have never played? Oh. I see.

StanLee2541d ago

The last GT game that was actually good came out in 2001. How long are fanboys going to hang on to the pipe dream that GT is better than Forza because since 2005 when Forza debuted it hasn't been? FACT.

user8586212541d ago


DigitalAnalog2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

GT5 was very good, a bit lacking in polish. But the fact remains, the Forza franchise has a higher rating and that's not debatable.

However, from what I've read, the experiences between Forza and GT seem vastly different considering they're running out of the same genre. GT provides more variations with it's simulation and intends to keep it to be only accessible to the veterans of the series, whereas Forza tries to balance out the cutomizations and fun factor for new and old players alike.

With that being said, I don't see how anyone can disagree when someone says "GT is better than Forza" as it provides a FAR more diversive experience. This may be a contributing factor to the "hardcore" players and it should not be ignored.

Yes, Forza is a more polished product, and a higher rating one at that, but that does not make it the ultimate complete simulation experience nor can it be an indication on user subjective points to how a racing simulation is to be the de-facto standard.

Dee_912541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I cant wait for tuesday !!

But I cant help but notice in an article about simulation , the author didnt once mention physics..
I dont care about all the tuning if the physics arent good.

Pretty much negate the headline ...

About the scores:
They are OPINIONS .From one person perspective.
Thats like bragging about your cousin saying a game is great.

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gamingdroid2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Wow! Didn't know that. That is pretty impressive.

Guess sales does not equal quality after all!

Metacritic scores:

Forza 92%
Forza 2 90%
Forza 3 90%
Forza 4 93%

I tried the demo (yes, a real demo, not a demo masqueraded as a beta) and it was really good.

Forza_is_King2541d ago

Actually Forza 3 got a 92 not a 90. But your comment is still correct.

YodaCracker2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

It has the sales to match the quality too. Forza 2 sold 4 million and Forza 3 has just about reached 5 million units sold. It is the 360's third best-selling exclusive franchise.

Ashby_JC2541d ago

These reviews are making me want to go get this.

I have had ALL the forzas up to this point. And honestly im all forzed out lol. PLUS>....a big plus. I dont want to buy it...only for it to collect dust when BF3 comes out as I KNOW I will log a shat load of hours into that for sure.

Ill see if I can get my GF to buy it for me :)

TheClown2541d ago

I guess this blog site doesn't know much about games as GT5 is the finest racing simulator of this generation.

turnerdc2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I think I see you in every Forza article. Are you that mad? Don't bother responding...oh wait, you can't!

buddymagoo2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Sebastian Vettle (F1 Champ), Jeff Gordon, Sebastian Loeb (WRC Champ) and David Coulthard would agree. Also GT5 has created Champions through it's GT Academy

I think Forza is more geared toward the American market as opposed to GT5 being geared toward Europe and Japan. Even though GT5 has Nascar. Both have a place, calm down.

Forza_is_King2541d ago

And all endorsed by Sony. Imagine that.

Number_132541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

They are paid to agree. Lol*
*It's funny because it's true

n4gisatroll2541d ago

You think Nissan wouldn't do this, if they didnt want to? PD and Nissan are good partners, afterall, PD did create a bunch of stuff for the gt-r.

greatjimbo782541d ago

You might want to double check David Coulthard's position on simulators again. I'm not sure why you've used him as an example, because he can't stand them. Try listening to him talking about F1 sims on the BBC sometime.

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aviator1892541d ago

It's an opinion piece for a reason.

darthv722541d ago

with have two great racing games? Not to mention that they reside on different platforms. GT5 is the finest racing series on playstation. Forza is the finest racing series on xbox.

Hell, we could even throw in Mario Kart is the funnest racing series for nintendo.

Now everyone feels good with having a "finest (or in MK case: funnest) racing series" on their platform.

greatjimbo782541d ago

Well said. Careful how you use that logic though. Logic's not welcome round these parts.

BrutallyBlunt2541d ago

Of course we can two great racing games and truthfully we do. Trouble is some people are unwilling to take their noses out of Sony's ass or Microsoft's ass to notice.

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SAE2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Again ?..
''provide an exhaustive automobile experience that's oozes personality and charm.''
wth he's saying O.o

''The alterations to career mode that allow you to use whichever car you want, whenever you want''
so you can take a fast car against a slow car , isn't that realistic ?.

he didn't talk about the gameplay at all which is the thing that makes the game realistic , he's comparing a huuuuuuuuge sim agaisnt a normal racing game...

gt5 took 5 years to be made because they focused on studying the cars to make each car have it's own gameplay , it's more then 1000 car , all of them have realsitc gameplay , reviewrs focused on the bad stuff like graphics in some cars or bugs and didn't mention the importent stuff like the gameplay , physics , rally/karting/nascar/snow/rain /night , gt5 is more like a realistic rpg game , it even have levels ...

Number_132541d ago

Yes, again until they beat the denial off of your faces

turnerdc2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I guess you missed the last line of the article:

"For a more in-depth look at Forza Motorsport 4, read our review."

It provides the answers to what you're asking.

turnerdc2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

The thing is a game is the SUM of all its parts. The overall score is not just the score of one single aspect of the game but how well everything works when put together. The simple fact of the matter is that there were (and still are) some glaring inconsistencies that held GT5 back.

SAE2541d ago

Oh , i didn't saw it , going to read :)..

ambientFLIER2539d ago

"gt5 is more like a realistic rpg game , it even have levels ..."

So does Forza...

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