Valve Responds to PS3 Version of Counter Strike: GO Being Slower Than PC Build, Xbox Live Omission

Valve has responded to the claim of Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s PlayStation 3 version being slower than its PC counterpart. Additionally, the company has explained why Xbox Live was left out of the PC and PS3′s cross-platform capability.

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RaidensRising2539d ago

It's a shame Xbox owners wont see any cross plat play, but there's probably enough players on Live to not make any difference in reality.

decrypt2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Well I wouldnt say PS3 having cross game chat is an advantage. Unless PS3 gamers started using Mouse keyboard (in which case they might as well start playing on PC). Playing the game on a DS3 against PC gamers is like going to a gun fight with a knife.

Lol @ multiple accounts spammming disagrees, seriously are people so butthurt over someone posting an opinion.

Farsendor12539d ago

this game will support keyboard and mouse on ps3 you can look up on google

decrypt2539d ago

I know it supports Mouse keyboard. However if you are going to play with Mouse keyboard then might as well play it on PC with higher res, and frame rates etc.

RememberThe3572539d ago

Unless you don't have a PC that can run games (me), then it makes more sense to buy the game on a platform you already have.

morganfell2539d ago

Really? In every game?


In FPS titles yes. But in TPS games the controller often has a distinct advantage. Ownage was the name of the game in Splinter Cell online for controller players. A 360 pad plugged into your PC made a huge difference. A great deal of this is due to rotation camera aspects which do not function as well with KB/M. And in some games you live and die by situational awareness.

You just can't objectively blanket every game with that KB/M statement.

Of course there is also IGNs famous, or rather infamous 360 controller PC test.

Oxymoron0282539d ago

Are you suggesting that people only play games on the PC because of mouse and keyboard support? Because from what you wrote it sounds so.

There's a reason consoles exist and it's not because of their control methods.

Heartnet2539d ago

a reason u cud be getting disagrees as ur replying to a comment which had nothing to do with Cross Game Chat lol ur brining up sumin irrelevant and off topic :)

gamingdroid2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I wonder how they are going to balance the game for cross platform play. Counterstrike was a very fast paced game that demand accuracy.

I would hate to be on a pad, while my enemy is on a mouse and keyboard.

Nothing breaks an online game faster than it being unbalanced in favor of one group!

evrfighter2539d ago

Wtf u talking bout cross game chat. Hes getting disagree spammed because he's absolutely right.

look closely nobody has an argument against him. Even morganfail goes off topic talking about third person shooters.

elmaton982539d ago

I play a couple games on pc with a controller and I don't have a problem playing on par with someone who s using a M/K.

Commander_TK2539d ago

Who cares? Just give us L4D 1 & 2 for PS3 NOW!!!

Farsendor12539d ago

only reason i disagreed cause i thought you was saying ps3 doesn't support keyboard and mouse

sikbeta2539d ago

WOW, it's that difficult for some dudes to believe that people prefer to game on consoles no matter the genre or stuff? like 10 years ago was playing the hack out of CS on PC, now I'll do it on my PS3 :D

Soldierone2539d ago

I actually had no issues keeping up with keyboard and mouse people using a controller in several games....its simply more comfortable for me. However I can easily use both.

I think a lot of the framerate people need to read this article.

People use "lower framerates" to cover up things and help with motion blurring so your mind doesn't laugh at the mistakes they made. So upping it isnt always the best solution either.

caperjim2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

A knife to a gunfight? Sorry dont think so. I play with a gamepad for all supported multiplayer pc shooters. By your statement i must be imagining being consistently on top of the scoreboard.

I hope valve gets the gamepad controls on PC and console right. Dice did a great job with PC battlefield 3 beta.

Mr_Lu_Kim2539d ago

lol at all you attack dogs. I think decrypt ment cross platform play and just typed cross game chat.

Chill you grumpy bitches chill. (bitch being a female dog)

BTW KB/M > Gamepad every day.

ikkokucrisis2539d ago

Hmm, someone should take a serious look at developing and incorporating a trackball into a controller. That could give you the enhanced precision with the comfort of a controller while playing! :)

HSx92539d ago

PS3 can keep their PC cross game mode, I willbe laughing when they have to experience PC aimbotters and hackers.

JaredH2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Yep I agree. If all the cool people on this site have a ps3 and a PC why wouldn't they buy it on PC anyway instead of disagreeing. I have never hooked up a keyboard and mouse to my ps3. I think it'd be weird playing on a couch with it when the screens so far away compared to a normal PC.

MysticStrummer2538d ago

You're getting disagrees because you brought up cross game chat as if someone else did it first, and because you say playing with a mouse and keyboard on PS3 means you might as well play on PC, which is ridiculous. @evrfighter - You're getting disagrees because cross platform play has very little to do with having a higher number of players to compete against. Each platform will have plenty of people to play with. The point is they can play each other. So you see, TheHooligan isn't "absolutely right". He's partly right, because it is a shame 360 won't get this feature.

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Silly gameAr2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I think it's the actual cross platform play that's the highlight here, not the number of players on each platform.

gamingdroid2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Isn't the benefit just more players?

... but yes, the highlight is cross platform play, not the number of players.

FredEffinChopin2538d ago

No, if 10,000 people are playing on PC and 100,000 are playing on XBL, the games you're playing still only contain as many people as are allowed. The benefit of a whole new group of players is having a different community available to game with. So if I'm on PS3 and my PC-only buddies are playing this, I'll be able to play with them, despite gaming on different platforms.

Gamer19822539d ago

We all know why we wont ever see cross platform play of 360 to ps3 and non MS cross platform to PC. A shame really but thats life.

Ducky2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

... Well, if shadowrun is anything to go by, then a competitive FPS might not be an ideal candidate for cross-platform play.

It remains to be seen how well CS:GO fares.

jessupj2538d ago

It is a shame MS has to be so closed minded and stubborn. They're like a little toddler in a play group that steals all the toys and won't share with anyone else unless they play by MS's unfair rules.

I would have loved to play against 360 players. I'm sure I'm not alone either.

Drekken2539d ago

No. My PC runs CS:S @ 120FPS. I highly doubt that is the case. They won't lock PC frame rate.. they will speed up the PS3's pacing.

kcuthbertson2539d ago

I hope valve doesn't lock the framerate on PC...however that doesn't mean that they can't. Rage is locked at 60FPS no matter what.

TheGameFoxJTV2539d ago

What's the problem? The human eye can only see up to 60FPS, so who the hell can even notice if you go over 60 or not? Or even close to 60. LMAO

Mr_Lu_Kim2539d ago


Wrong I can tell between 60 and 120 fps easily dude.

Pandamobile2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

They mean the game pace. Not frame rate.

The console versions of Unreal Tournament 3 were slower (slower movement speed and stuff) than the PC version. They're just stating that this isn't the case with CS:GO.

"What's the problem? The human eye can only see up to 60FPS, so who the hell can even notice if you go over 60 or not? Or even close to 60. LMAO"

Don't start with this bullshit again. The human eye doesn't see at a fixed framerate. And games still feel smoother at higher framerates, even if our eyes can't completely process them.

For example, I can tell the difference between 60 and 150 FPS in TF2 like night and day.

Neko_Mega2539d ago

More proof that Xbox Live is overprice for nothing, can't wait for this. I played alittle of Counter Strike on PC.

Brownghost2539d ago

Play more if you actually want some skill

Neko_Mega2539d ago

lol I'll let you know when their is someone with skills on XBL.

Black Ops I did 23k/5d (At least on PSN I got to work for it).


I live in the US, zero of that stuff matters because I got cable and the other stuff I can do free on PC or PS3.

Brownghost2539d ago

@neko_mega When I made that comment I was talking about counter strike not black ops. Also know one cares about kdr and blops. Blacks ops is an arcade shooter not a real shooter

decrypt2538d ago


Yet paying more per game on console doesnt seem overpriced right?

By that mark console gaming is overpriced for nothing.

Venjense2539d ago

Correction Neko_Mega, Live is reasonably priced in the US considering all the other media stuff you get, especially will cable and HBO coming.

Live is overpriced in every other country where none of the added features are available but people pay the same price or Canada.

Biggest2538d ago

Paying $1 is overpriced compared to the PS3 and PC.

Pootangpie2538d ago

It's a liitle game called shadowrune nice try troll

dkp232539d ago

If i got this game on Console, I would not want to play against PC gamers. Cross platform is not good for FPS because PC gamers will have such an advantage. You can say that ps3 supports keyboard mouse, but most people dont have a pc like setup with their ps3.

PC, you are usually at a desk up in your screen while you play your ps3 games sitting on your couch on your 50 inch HDTV....

caperjim2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Dont worry about it. If valve can get the gamepad controls right like Dice did with the PC version of the battlefield 3 beta you will do fine. Im a PC gamer who has their R.A.T. 7 gaming mouse and G13 gameboard collecting dust because i rather use my gamepad.

dkp232539d ago

I wouldnt care about using a gamepad on a PC Shooter.

If i had a choice between Mouse/Keyboard and Gamepad, im going Mouse/keyboard. Majority or close to all would choose the same thing because of accuracy and speed.

You have a Mouse/Keyboard vs console match...Mouse/keyboard would dominate...

Brownghost2539d ago

Pc gamers wil rape console gamers.

TheGameFoxJTV2539d ago

This is a proven fact. Anyone remember Shadow Run and people complaining about not being able to win against PC players?

Biggest2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

That was the 360 crowd.

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