Dark Souls starter guide: Six vital gameplay tips [PC Gamer]

Buying Dark Souls today? Matt's just about recovered from his review playthrough - or that's what the smelly, unshaven, bushy-haired nurse we met outside his ward told us, anyway. She also passed on six starter tips, before melting into the night with an eldritch scream. Charming lady. Please commit the below to memory.

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caboose322480d ago

PC Gamer? This game isn't even on pc.

Spenok2480d ago

tip 3 " don't kill the arrow guy"

Guess what i did..... :/

And it was on complete accident too. I put the controller down to walk away for a sec which facing him, and when I picked it up my hand pulled the r2 button. I had no choice.

That tip alone makes me want to restart the game, but I'm already 5+ hours in, and a fair amount past that point. So ill simply have to deal :( lol.

Great game tho. Loving every minute of it.