Consoles Aren’t Ruining PC Gaming, Developers Are

Personal Computers are the most capable gaming platform of all, offering a flexibility and capability that make other formats seem stale.

Yet, despite these great features, another supposedly “AAA” multi-platform title has launched with a “gimped” PC version - Rage

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Orpheus2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I kind of agree with this. How come 4A is developing games that push the PC to the limit and also look well on the consoles. Metro 2033 XBOX 360 version took only 19 working days to port from the PC and it did not look bad either.

They did not even complain about Piracy.

Crysis 1 sold 3.5 million copies on PC and Crytek made a huge profit but still they did not push the PCs with Crysis 2. Those who would say that Crytek released a PC patch are requested to google about the controversies related to that patch using inefficient tessellation.

Crytek complained that out of 20 gamers only one bought Crysis 1. Well if piracy were not possible , no way 20X3.5 million players would have played the game.

It is because modern day hardware have got too many features to take advantage of , it is because labor needed is high that developers are giving excuses for not pushing the PCs. Its more about idleness than about piracy.

Ulf2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Sorry, I don't believe the "19 working days" thing at all. Where'd you hear that? I'm sure some producer blabbed somesuch nonsense at some point, but I can pretty much guarantee that its not true.

Console memory management is critically important -- Metro 2033 would have had to been designed to fit in ~470MB of unified memory from the beginning to be "ported" so quickly -- and that really means it would have been designed with the console in mind to begin with.

More likely the "19 days" is the time it took to get the game running, chock full of bugs, but with *something* visible onscreen, on a 1GB debug kit. Then they had to spend 6 months+ working out all the issues before they could send it through the MS first-party QA ringer.

Orpheus2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Bro go to this link :

Ok even if it took 6+ months to optimize the point is Metro 2033 did push PCs and at the same time looked nice on consoles. And you never heard those developers complaining about the PC fanbase did you?

@X800 please look at some comparison videos of crysis 1 and crysis 2, crysis 2 foliage does not react well, destruction is low , does not have volumetric fog , has lower res textures than crysis 1 .... in some ways crysis 2 was better , but it was suppose to be better than crysis 1 in every way ... that is how it has been all the way in PC gaming.

pangitkqb2539d ago

@ Orpheus

I agree as well. As the piece points out when talking about companies like Valve, Dice, Blizzard, etc...:

"The quality and success of these developers’ PC games are a living testament to the potential of PC gaming. More than that, their continued profitability is proof that what I am saying here is true. The success of PC gaming lies in the hands of those making the games, not at the feet of those whom they wish will buy."

In other words, if PC a game is treated with love and presented as a quality product...PEOPLE WILL BUY IT. If it's shafted instead and shipped with bugs, missing features, and at a later date than on console....well, why would PC gamers waste their money?

sphinct2539d ago

Great points made in this piece. The idea that developers complain about low sales of the PC version of their game...which shipped with bugs, released later, and didn't get the TLC the console versions did, is ridiculous.

If you want good PC sales put in an equally good PC effort.

gameplayingfool2539d ago

Her here! The attitude toward pc gaming is what needs to change, not the platform! Come on devs, make it happen

hiredhelp2539d ago

This artlicle headline has hit the nail on the head.
Too many devs well perhaps publishers and the corp's upstairs wanting to bleed more money by spreading the IP's mainly to consoles to get extra revenu.
Witch i beleave results in the lack of effort put into pc's I hope DICE have made alot more devs learn from them.
We need back the support we have been lacking
over the past few years or so, because our pc's we spend soo much on are being wasted Hell im still seeing new pc games running on DX9.

Lich1202539d ago

How does ulf have 3 disagrees? What he's saying is totally right. Not to mention it sounds like you've been through the process as well, Im sure you know how fun MS TCR is.

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x8002539d ago

crysis 2 is the best looking game to date with dx11+high rez textures! BF3 might beat it but still have to wait and see.

Zechs342539d ago

Yeah. It would've mattered if they had included those two very important things when the game shipped. Crysis 2 is far from the best looking game this gen. Especially if art style is concerned.

Imho though...

Thatguy-3102539d ago

PC's aren't as mainstream as back then...its obvious why MOST developers prefer consoles.... Yes a pc is more powerful but why bother when most gamers play on consoles.

decrypt2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

What is a console :P ?

Lol seriously you have to be joking if you think most gamers play on console. Sure the odds might be in console favor if all consoles are combined however on a single platform basis PC is easily better then any single console.

There are about 10million people playing Wow alone on PC. About 35million registered users on Steam alone.

I know my group of friends barely touch consoles, hell i dont even own one. PC all the way.

Thatguy-3102539d ago

When I talk consoles I'm talking about ALL CONSOLES !!!

pat_11_52539d ago

I'm not a PC gamer, so it's really hard for me to comment on anything this authors saying. One things for sure though, PC games really do seem to be taking a backseat to their console counter parts.

Controversy2539d ago

You should give PC gaming a try. It took me a while to master the whole keyboard/mouse control style, but now I'm hooked. I still love my consoles, but man, I love the new world PC gaming has opened to me.

Psychotica2539d ago

Batman Arkham City is another title delayed which pisses me off..

kevnb2539d ago

its no big deal, the same happened with the last game but it was better on pc.

Zechs342539d ago

Yeah you guys are right, although Rocksteady openly stated the delay would be worth it for the definitive version of the game. Can't wait!

pat_11_52539d ago

What made it so much better on pc, I thought it was pretty much the same game.

TABSF2536d ago

Yeah not only better graphics, Batman shipped with 3D Vision and PhysX on PC.

KittyEmperor2539d ago

Really I don't get articles like this. I mean video games are a business and developers are out to make money so it comes down a simple question. Do they make a game exclusively for the PC and make a nice profit or do they make a game for both the PC and consoles and make an even larger profit. I have friends who are pure consoles gamers and don't even own a halfway decent rig. That being said I tend to game more on my consoles myself even though I do have a powerful enough PC.

pangitkqb2539d ago

Did you read the piece though? One of the underlying points is how developers could make more money out of PC games without taking a chunk out of console game sales.

Ulf2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

That's a *theory*, and a sketchy one at that.

There's not a shred of evidence to support said theory. Its a fantasy with a lot of dreamy "ooh" and "aah" in it, and no grasp on the reality of game making, as a business.

It's commonly called the "Field of Dreams" theory, and just about every game developer on the planet will tell you its bunk.

kevnb2539d ago

but he misses the point, not every games audience is large on pc. Assassins creed comes to pc because even though the audience isnt large on pc, it still makes them money. While games like civilization dont even come to console as is.

kevnb2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

these rants have to stop. AMDs opengl drivers sucked, so RAGE performed poorly on AMD cards. Witcher 2 still isnt even on console. Many ps3 versions of game are embarrassments or arent even released, like Left 4 Dead and the orange box. PC still has the most exclusives and the most diverse lineup. Just look at some of the examples, who the hell cares about ghostbusters. I care more about battlefield 3, dota 2, and diablo 3.

jimineyscrickets2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I don't think this was a rant at all. In fact, after clicking on this story with skepticism, they guy won me over.

It's really rather simple. He clearly loves PC gaming and strongly believes that a simple quality jump would revitalize sales. Whether or not he is correct, his points were well made.

What is with the gaming publics' eagerness to label every opinion piece a rant, no matter how reasonable and well argued?

kevnb2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

read it again, its just another tool focusing on the negatives because his one game had some issues. Everyone knows pc games look better and run better in most cases for example, but every now and again some silly negative nancy like this pops up. Hes really stretching too, bringing up hd assassins creed games (which ones arent?), ghostbusters, and even the vastly superior on pc crysis 2. there is no other side to the argument, no mention of anything positive on the pc side. Heck rage has terrible pop-in on ps3, but ps3 gamers dont write similar articles... only these so called lovers of pc gaming write this garbage.

what do you think developers and publishers think when they read this garbage, combined with when they do crank the settings people complain they cant max the game? People with this mentality are the ones who hurt pc gaming the most.

This year has been great and isnt over yet. Shogun 2, witcher 2, portal 2, rage (minus the amd issues, it actually looks much better on pc), battlefield 3, etc..

In conclusion, this article isnt just some opinion piece, its misleading and one sided. Not well thought out whatsoever, and might even scare some away from pc gaming. I think people forget what makes a successful pc game, its not high end visuals, its the very nature of doing things that can only be done on pc. Look at wow, starcraft 2, minecraft, free2play games, steam, the ever evolving social games, integration with mobile devices... this is all happening on pc and is making tons of money.

Controversy2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )


I think you are making a lot of assumptions about the guy. His one game? He mentions several. I can add to his list too, if you'd like, but it will be a long list if we actually wrote down all the recent multiplats that were either released later, shipped with game-halting glitches, or missing features on PC. The point isn't to complain, it's to try and encourage change.

And yes, he's obviously wrong that improvements to multiplatform PC games will improve sales :/ (Sarcasm for ya.)

But, you will think whatever you want no matter what anyone says. Yes, PC gaming is awesome and there a many positives, but how dare he call out the bad side of PC gaming, right? How dare he cry for an improvement to the platform he (and I) love? Because there are downsides sometimes, and it's okay to point them out.

gameplayingfool2539d ago


Ur the the downer. The guy clearly didbt write a "rant" (as you wrongly put it) this long because he hates PC gaming. Obviously he likes it and is hoping for PC gaming to INCREASE its presence. You are the one that struggles to accept that with all the good in PC gaming, there is still plenty of room for improvement, particulalry in the development side.

Get back under ur bridge, the only negative thing goin on in this piece is your negative responses, "negative Nancy."

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