New trailer for Binary Domain shows the value of good leadership

Sega have released a new trailer for Binary Domain illustrating the consequences of negligent team work.

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morganfell2508d ago

This is looking excellent. I had posted here months ago that I found this title more intriguing than Deus Ex. It is good to see improvements that have solidified that supposition for me. Perhaps not for everyone else perhaps but for my preference it rules.

lelo2play2508d ago

Not really. Looks average.

crematory2508d ago

this game will be $30 after 2 weeks release

TomInc2508d ago

Sega seem to be raising the bar with some of their up coming releases!

bligmerk2508d ago

Never even heard of this game until Gamescom and didn't really know what the story was about until this video. Cool! Looks like Sega is back. This is the next effort by the dev behind Yakuza. The game looks like it is still in early development, so it is going to look more polished as it gets closer to release.

A7XEric2508d ago

Definitely looks intriguing. But please for the love of god Sega, do SOMETHING about that voice acting. Holy fuck that is bad.

TheGameFoxJTV2508d ago

This looks dumb. And that voice acting. haha

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