Fan-made Mass Effect MMO trailer

Bitmob Community Member Jan Neves: After modelling the Normandy SR2 I thought it would be cool to animate it somehow. This is the result....

Instead of showing off just one spacecraft in the video, I thought an entire fleet would be way cooler. Cheers!

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Godmars2902538d ago

Everyone can't tool around in the same class and type of ship. That's just dumb.

THR1LLHOUSE2538d ago

Well obviously, but as a fun little video it's still pretty slick.

Sadie21002538d ago

Just think of the mess with everyone trying to find their own Normandy in the parking lot.

Tolkoto2538d ago

Impressive work for one man!

choadley2538d ago

That definitely earned him an A is his Epic Reveal Cinematic class.

SybaRat2538d ago

I wish they didn't ALL say "Normandy" on the side, but if I'd seen that trailer at E3, it would've gotten a cheer out of me.