Rage Review (PC Advisor)

Alec Meer writes: id’s first game in years is a classic shooter paired with amazing visuals (though be aware that to achieve Rage at its beautiful best on PC, an unforgivably messy and poorly-supported launch means you’ll have to add some third party tweaks first – see here for details), agreeably silly action-driving and just enough choice to stand it apart from the hyperlinear competition. Manage to stomach the pop-up monsters, and you probably won’t find a better shooter this year.

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Horny2544d ago

I have the game and while its good it is far from classic and I believe people only claim its a classic because of who the developers where.
maybe I'm just sick of games where I always have to run errands for someone and be their little bitch.

Ranich2543d ago

The game has no storyline. There's no "Main Quest." What's the point of the rest of the game after you help out Dan? You have really no direction. You just become everyone's bitch afterwards. It's highly stupid and I can't see why anyone is giving this game a good rating as it's nothing more than eye candy -- despite the terrible texture pop-ins and lack of graphical options.

Horny2543d ago

I agree. You know how pissed I was when I woke up without questioning anything and just became this guys bitch. There is simply no story and that's one of the most important things in a game to me.
How can you set up a cool as apocalyptic world with mutants and all kinds of shit and just not explain anything.