Forza 4 proves racing sims should be fun

Taking inspiration from BBC's Top Gear, Forza 4 barrels through the barrier between racing sims and fun like a monster truck hitting an RV.

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Tolkoto2508d ago

I almost want to buy this game, but I know I'll just get bored with it like I do with every racing sim.

ABizzel12508d ago

That's the difference between Forza and GT to me. Forza is a Sim-Arcade racer, where GT5 is full on Sim. So I have more fun playing Forza, but if I want a Sim and a Challenge I play GT5.

Quagmire2507d ago

Play Shift 2 instead, that game is some seriously insane fun! I too dont like sim racers as I find them boring, but Shift 2 managed to make it a fun, visceral horrifying and exciting experience.

THR1LLHOUSE2508d ago

I love me some Top Gear...that might just be enough to get me to check this out.

choadley2508d ago

The question remains... can you drive the three-story apartment car from the camping episode?

Sadie21002508d ago

I appreciate what the GTs and Forzas of the world do, but give me Burnout any day of the week. :)

WildArmed2508d ago


Thou, to be fair, I don't consider myself a fan of the racing genre. Considering myself so would be insulting to the real fans out there. I rarely play racing games.

But, the few racing games I've grown to love are: NFS:Most Wanted, Burnout Paradise <3 <3 <3 <3 <3, Motor storm and a few others.

Bereaver2508d ago

I agree with you to some extent....

I understand you like it fun and arcadey. It isn't always great to play something realistic.

As far as that goes.... GT5 is the most realistic, making it for most people... the least fun... because most people aren't part of the GT world.

I prefer GT5 because I just like it real. you know those people that play games and move the controller around when they play? Well, my first time playing GT5, I felt my equalibrium take a hit because I've raced around a few tracks myself. It just felt real, and that's what I like.

And before you guys start going nuts about me saying GT5 is the most realistic, and not Forza. Understand that Forza is a great game, and it is a sim to some extent. But GT5 doesn't modify anything and includes almost all weather types.

Forza is good in it's own style.

n4gisatroll2508d ago

A racing sim is fun. They are made for car enthusiasts, not just for people who like to rice their car out, and make it look fast. But for people who love driving, and for those people, racing sims are amazing. Just because you like video games, doesnt mean you are going to like every genre. It's like music.

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The story is too old to be commented.