Ten PSN And Xbox Live Games That Deserve A Sequel

GB: "While some of you might think that PSN and Xbox Live titles do not have the quality and potential of full, retail games, you’ll find that you’re actually wrong. What these downloadable games lack in content, they more than make up for in fun and creativity. But it’s a hard choice listing just ten of so many great games out there. Nonetheless, we managed to do that, somehow. So listed below are 10 PSN and Xbox Live titles that we believe were some of the best out there and definitely deserve sequels (but haven’t gotten one till yet).

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Relientk772543d ago

Fat Princess

gillri2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Braid was both the highest rated and best XBLA game ever, well Braid the highest rated indie game ever

IMO a sequel to it would just be wrong, its just too perfect

but Outland 2 would be a good idea

Yi-Long2543d ago

... still love and play that game, and I wish it would have some better support in the form of new maps to keep the community alive.

It's charm is in it's brilliant pick-up-and-play gameplay that's very easy for anyone to get into and have a good time.

Super Meat Boy is awesome, but I believe they'd just release new levels through free DLC as they have done, instead of releasing a sequel. I believe they even stated there won't be a sequel.

Also, I would LOVE to see ilomilo see a sequel. One of my favourite games ever. So cute, so gorgeous in design, so much fun.

gillri2543d ago

yes 1943 was great I just used to use the tanks and got 10,000 kills with a 5:1 KD ratio!!

buuuutt, its s military many of those do you play? Braid is unlike anything you will ever play..its a masterpiece and I dont use that word likely

Skynetone2543d ago

Savage moon, my favorite game this gen

ddelella2543d ago

Wipeout HD = possibly...the whole Mario Kart style gameplay has been done alot

I think Braid and Shadow Complex already have sequels in the works.

josephayal2543d ago

Crysis 1 (the best FPS ever)

KentBlake2543d ago mean like Crysis 2?

SAE2543d ago

after playng crysis 2 on console then crysis 1 on the pc i think crysis 1 is more like crysis 3 because it's alot better then crysis 2 ...

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