Shadow of the Colossus isn't the game it used to be

Five years can change a person, but can it fundamentally change a game? Shadow of the Colossus proves the answer is Yes.

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_DarkCharizard_2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Not the best PS2 game, but a great title nonetheless with its flaws like every other game. You just have to appreciate it for what it is...

Tolkoto2538d ago

Not the best PS2 game? Bah. Certainly in the top 5. There comes a point where a title can transcend its flaws due to the magic of the overall experience.

THR1LLHOUSE2538d ago

The best Ps2 game is *obviously* Metal Gear Solid 3, but this is probably #2.

Diver2538d ago


Thats how they justify giving flawed games a 10. Not saying it is wrong or right but it must apply all the time or not at all.

DigitalAnalog2537d ago

Applying that particular rating system would render any game incapable of receiving a 10 as there is no such thing as a "flawless" game.

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TBM2537d ago

to me its my favorite ps2 game, but i gotta agree with the author about the horse controls. playing this 5yrs later the minute i started using the horse i was like wow i didnt realize it was so difficult to control him lol.

cobblestone192535d ago

SOTC is the best game of all time IMO. ICO is really great too.

FYI: It's a good article that actually praises the game.

THR1LLHOUSE2538d ago

To me, Shadow of the Colossus is one of those few games that really seems like a complete and perfectly executed Vision. I don't mean it's "perfect," I mean the folks at Team Ico had something in mind, and SotC is a perfect representation of what they set out to do. It's an amazing title.

Sadie21002538d ago

OOh, ouch. I think some N4G members aren't gonna like this story....

SoapShoes2538d ago

Of course, because it's made up B.S.

SybaRat2538d ago

Or, alternately, you could actually read the thing and form a real opinion. Just sayin'.

Silly gameAr2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

I think Sadie doesn't like to read much. Would rather make the generic N4G sony fan haven comment to look cool. Or douchey.

denero12538d ago

isn't that what n4g is all about setting up articles that troll to get hits and fly to the top?

Sugreev20012538d ago

It's still the awesome game it used to be,simply because it remains a unique experiance to this day.But I'm not going to look away from the fact that this HD remake didn't do anything except improve the already graphics a bit.The camera and controls are still an issue,maybe bigger given how far gaming has come since 2005.

On topic,this article is stupid since he's already ranting about something people have already talked about since the game first released.Either you see yourself or the Colossi as the victim,it's all up to your interpretation.

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