EuroGamer - Game of the Week: Dark Souls

EuroGamer - There's a brilliant tension that runs through much of this industry's output, as an endless thirst for the new is met with a desire to return to some magical - and quite possibly imagined - past.

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gillri2418d ago

awesome game , will get it but maybe next summer during a lean period when I can devote alot more time to it


I hear ya there. I picked it up the other day and with me having twin 2 yr olds, I'm finding I can't devote as much time as it requires from me...Sucks because the game is awesome.

2418d ago
TopDudeMan2418d ago

I need this game. Gonna rip into it when it comes through in the post. Really regretting pre-ordering it, now. I'd be playing it now if I just went to the shop.

Solidus187-SCMilk2418d ago

I really enjoy this game so far. Its hard but rewarding too. It requires alot of concentration in a battle as you can die real fast.