Xbox 720: Rumours Round-Up

There have been tonnes of rumours lately about the pending release of a new Microsoft console, but which should be believed, and which shouldn't?

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TomInc2358d ago

That Xbox 720 had to be a paid placement.. Even if it's not as a hint towards a future product - It's been pretty successful at putting MS into the spotlight.

darthv722358d ago

the next xbox is already in development. Has been for at least a year now. Same with the next playstation. These companies dont lay back and do nothing once they release a system. They get their teams hard at work in thinking of how to improve on it.

During this time they come out with updates to the existing hardware to keep it relevant. We may/not see a next xbox in 2012 but if we do you can bet it will be as significant an upgrade as the 360 was to the original.

Relientk772358d ago

Microsoft is probably developing the Xbox 720 right now. It's a matter of time of when they will show it off, and release the console. A release date probably won't happen til 2013 im assuming

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Tres212357d ago

hmmm 4 post & nuthin yet...i prob just jinxed