Top 10 Battlefield 3 Open Beta issues and how we are addressing them

Battlefield Blog - We’re more than half way through the open beta and thrilled to see so many people still enjoying the game while continuing to give us great feedback. As part of our dedication to showing you how your feedback is directly affecting and improving Battlefield 3, here are the latest Top-Ten Community Issues that we’re addressing.

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Dart892546d ago

Glad to see Dice on top of fixing all these things.

I like the look of this map looks awesome:D.

DasBunker2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

i played some BC2 before jumping on like my third time trying the beta... made me notice a lot more things.. like how easily you die in BF3.. its like youre always getting hit by snipers..

also metro is a horrible map made for campers and the new ability to get on the floor just encourages it even more.. mmhhhh

EDIT: just noticed the posts below about the hit detection.. i guess thats what i was experiencing.. since i felt i had to shoot them more than what it took them to take me down,,

Gamer30002545d ago

(look at the pic)
ok ... i know this game will have Dinosaur
but i didn't know it have Giraffe as well
the only thing this game needs is a ZOO
and it's good to go

x8002545d ago

lol that pic lead me here xD
anyway i hope they fix all the bugs.

Farsendor12545d ago

i don't have a problem with number 10 at all i like having lower health and the hit detection is all right with me.

OcelotRigz2545d ago

I like the fact that it takes less shots to kill or be killed, whether its intentional or not, i dont know.

But i have noticed where it takes even less shots to kill a guy when they are running, i thought it might be because they were low on health but it happens the whole time with me. Thats something i would like fixed.

RufustheKing2545d ago

I am so sure some players are cheating some how. met a player today that every time we faced off the game lagged bad but it never did when i came up from behide and i know i wasn't the only one cause some american guy was complaning about him too over the mic. even tho this is a beta it really is sad that you have to cheat.

BattleAxe2545d ago

Looks like this picture symbolizes the game.

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