Crysis Review (Fraggs) A popular question among gamers has been, “Can your console run Crysis?” A year ago people would have laughed and answered “not in this console generation”. It looks like we have all been thrown for a loop because current generation consoles CAN in fact run Crysis, and for the most part, it’s fair enough to say they do a decent job. For a game released more than a couple of years ago, Crysis still holds up well. A solid story, adequate visuals, and steady gameplay keep this older shooter up to date with modern standards and only had a few problems along the way.

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sphinct2543d ago

Having played both the console and PC versions now...

PC still looks better, but what was accomplished on consoles is impressive. Great job, Crytek.

teedogg802543d ago

I am loving this game right now. I'm glad to have the opportunity to play this great game. Thanks Crytek.