White Engine and Final Fantasy XIII Development Not Stalled

Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC Square Enix engine, the White Engine, which is the engine behind the game FInal Fantasy XIII, was earlier reported as having experienced stalled development. has found this to be a mistranslation which is further proven by earlier news from SE about the White Engine.

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pwnmaster30004043d ago

i dont get wat is trying to say here

Darkiewonder4043d ago

and people shouldn't worry and move on with their life.

gtgcoolkid4043d ago

it was funny seeing the 360 fanboys jumping over it though.

Mu5afir4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Is a Playstation specific engine, where did they get "Xbox 360 / PC" from?

TheZippo4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

The White Engine is going to be for multiple platforms. That could be why.


Alvadr4042d ago

Yeah the 360 is getting its version of the White Engine, but it will be used on other (non FF) games.

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Peekay4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Sony would never let development stall. This is one of the most important franchises to Sony and probably gaming history in general. What makes you think development stalled when Sony were so damn quick to sort out the unreal engine with epic. One thing i admire Sony for this generation is their willingness to right their wrongs.

fredy4043d ago

on how many games have been delayed or in waiting form sony and it's hardware.

Even f$%ked up ms contract for GTA 4, for xbox fans couple months ago.

AznSniper4043d ago

Do you have proof that GTA4 was delayed because of PS3? Only way to find out is if you worked there.

ruibing4043d ago

Sony is doing everything they could to help development across the board. This one of the main reasons why Naughty Dog did their game in C++ versus LISP like they always have. They want to be able to share their technology to first parties and select third parties.

Sony is fulfilling their promise that TGS that price cut won't be their only strategy, and I hope it all pays off in 2008.

WilliamRLBaker4043d ago

google translator isn't good but it does translate the major word with accuracy, So why would Stale, or stagnent appear when it comes to the white engine?
The funny thing is no one has come forward even by this site giving us a completely 100% accurate translation.

felman874043d ago

they said it was NOT stalled, in japanese, the difference between the stalled and unstalled (or not stalled) is just two letters.

DEADEND4043d ago

It's funny how those 360 fanboys were saying that it's being stalled because FFXIII is being ported to the 360, I guess those hopes just went down the drain hahaha.

Death4043d ago

Square says the White Engine is running smoothly. The White Engine is a hybrid that works on PS3, 360, and PC. The White Engine is the game engine for FFXIII. If Square has no plans of making FFXIII in some form on PC and 360, why do you think they have a cross platform engine? You don't think they did it so they can say "yeah, we could have done this for PC and 360, but we choose not to" do you?


WilliamRLBaker4043d ago

wish we had a trusted japanese person here so we could get an truthful 100% translation, Id like to know the truth once and for all so this debate can be put to rest, all i know is that google translator is bad when it comes to the subtles but majority of words are translated so i dont understand how stagnent or stale would appear with the white engine is concerned...

DemiseofPandas4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

* "' The white engine ' development has not been stagnant",
「『ホワイトエンジン』の開発は停滞していない」 This is the only mention of it in the article. Anyone with even basic knowledge of Japanese language knows that (ない) nai, is basically a conjugation for not. Them mentioning it was only to releave any speculation, as the engine has not been mentioned in a while, and to assure that they are still making progress.

WilliamRLBaker4043d ago

then why not just say....The white engine development has been smooth....there are representive words in the japanese language for that...
but oh well.
thanks for the answer.

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