Gabe Newell explains why PC games still matter

CVG - Gabe Newell's explained why PC games still matter in today's ever console-obsessed world.

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DeleteThisxx2356d ago

This shouldn't need an explanation. As someone who recently entered the realm of PC gaming I must say, I am not disappointed. It's nice having the option to play some of these PC exclusive games or even multiplatform games that have mods which enhance the experience.

I'm still primarily a console gamer and I don't think that will ever change but this isn't to say my Steam library (and physical copies of PC games) won't continue to grow. I've had nothing short of a great experience with PC gaming and I'm sure it will stay that way.

ATi_Elite2356d ago

cause the PC allows for complete freedom of creativity. Anyone can create a Indie game on the PC and have a chance at changing the world.

Just look at Minecraft, Farmville, Portal, and Castle Wolfenstein and how the devs had the freedom to create what they wanted!!

DeleteThisxx2356d ago

I love Minecraft XD Thought I would hate it but I'm glad I gave it a chance:)

pctrollv42356d ago

this is to you john carmack...gabe ftw baby

Eiffel2356d ago

Yet both of them are friends, and in which case Gabe and Mike approached Carmack to use his Quake III engine for Half-Life. We can thank Carmack for that.

MiamiACR692356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Times change Eiffel, so do people. See the PC release of RAGE for answers.

Eiffel2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Times indeed change. ID Software isn't the small house of developers who have full control over the quality of their product, like so many years ago. This goes for many developers, on top of which RAGE was an experiment in it's regard with the new engine, obviously there was a flaw, and no doubt it will be corrected. Also I'll note that Carmack wasn't the only one behind the new engines design, previous ID Tech engines have been his full control, not ID Tech 5.

kma2k2356d ago

i love how things like this go in cycles just two weeks ago n4g stories were proclamming how pc will be the dominant system of choice in two years & concels will be a thing of the past. Lets be honest hard core pc gamers have little to no interst in concles & most hard core consles have little to no interest in pc. Lets just all agree to disagree!

caboose322356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Yea, their will always be console players, and their will always be PC gamers. I honestly don't think either will die out ANY time soon, as their will always be a fan base.

Saryk2356d ago

PCs and consoles will be gone in 10 years. Miniaturization will be the new thing.You will be able to play any AAA game today on a watch, that can hook up to your big screen or glasses.

MiamiACR692356d ago

Your sanity medication ran out, I must have swallowed them all before I read your comment and disagreed, because you're an idiot.

Saryk2354d ago

Three things
1. Moore's Law
2. Aigo F029
3. Vuzix iWear Wrap 920

Before commenting on things you don't know, I would research the subject, imbecile.

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