GamePro - Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD Review

Matt Cabral writes: Following the increasingly popular trend of re-releasing classic games in HD, this trio of Sam Fisher-starring titles gets a visual makeover, but loses some appeal in the process.

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morganfell2504d ago

"While the developers have eliminated the option to invert the y-axis (a minor omission for most)"

Another reviewer with no understanding of the current demographic. For something that is a minor omission, there are surely a huge number of very angry people on message boards around the world.

The next time a wannabe writer decides to make such an ill-informed, narrowminded comment I suggest they pull their head out of their 4th point of contact and look at the general gaming public for a nice sampling of their preferences. I think the light will come on and this pretend author will realize lack of an inverted axis isn't so very minor.

Quagmire2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Agreed. I find it very ignorant of them to say its minor or when its not unplayable or not game-breaking. Tell THEM to try and play inverted and see how long they can last before they need to switch back.

And what people dont understand that Invert is actually the REAL way of playing. Your head for example, if you push it forward, your eyes look down, and when you push it back, your eyes looks up, exactly how its played in the inverted setting.

I've personally sent a very angry email to Ubisoft regarding the fuck-up of both this and Beyond Good & Evil a few weeks ago. They have yet to reply back...

jetlian2504d ago

l'll take inverted in plane games and thats it!! Your eyes have nothing to do with a controller!