RAGE Breaking Bad Easter Egg

A cool little Breaking Bad Easter Egg that can be found in Wellsprings in the Sheriff's office. You'll also notice the RAGE Easter Eggs in Breaking Bad Season 4.

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explicitd2598d ago

Awesome. Best show on TV.

guitarded772598d ago

That nod would go to Boardwalk Empire... but Breaking Bad is good too.

e-p-ayeaH2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Boardwalk Empire looks interesting never heard of it before.

OllieBoy2598d ago

RIP, Tuco. You meth-crazed bastard.

e-p-ayeaH2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Gustavo Fring is pretty much the opposite to Tuco in behaviour.

cold blooded bastard :D

Johnny_Cojones2598d ago

Cool. Love the show, really like the game so far.

DankJemo2598d ago

There are a lot of good Easter eggs in this game. There is a "Rare" food called Pinkies (presumably like Twinkies,) and when you pick them up they make the sound the Pinkie demon made in Doom. It caught me a little by surprise the first time I saw that item and proceeded to check the hallway to make sure there was not in fact a Pinkie demon in the area.

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