L.A Noire Dev Team Bondi Owed 1.4 Million Dollars

GameBlurb, "It seems there are a few more secrets that were left to be exposed with Team Bondi's fallout with Rockstar and eventual collapse."

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DankJemo2354d ago

The more time that passes the more information there is that makes rockstar look pretty shady. What is the deal with their management?

Gordo7892354d ago

this project was in development for like a billion years. things probably start to get rocky after so long, with any team.

pangitkqb2354d ago

RockStar is interesting. they put out games that sell millions of copies, yet still have regular financial trouble. Makes a gamer wonder...

sikbeta2354d ago

Team Bondi once was Team Soho, a subsidiary of SCEE in UK, the boss came with the motion-scan tech to Sony WWS and ask for funds to make LA:N, game was in a development hell for years, I don't remember how R* appeared in the scene, but they bought LA:N IP to Sony and Soho became TB, again the games was in a development hell for years and when it came out they couldn't pay all their bills, it's not R* or T2 fault for being the publisher and want to make money out of the game, the story is simplified, there other things going on it the whole TB case...

andron6662354d ago

Well this project was in development for years before R* picked them up. Sony had the chance to make it an exclusive at one point, but didn't in the end. They had worked with studio head Brendan McNamara (they got his name wrong in this article). From wikipedia: Director of Development for Sony Computer Entertainment’s Team Soho Studio in London and writer and director of The Getaway.

Brendan McNamara probably didn't have Sonys confidence after his work on The Gatwaway. It's rumoured to have gone way over budget. And we also have the stories about the mismanagement of Team Bondi.

All in all I think R* might not be the one to blame here. They probably picked up this project and saved it, without them LA Noire might have ended up in the annals of vaporware instead...

Check out this article about The Getaway:

ishilicious2354d ago

i guess sometimes, people just get into the wrong side of the industry. I mean, there are fantastic dev companies who appreciate talent and then there's this. kinda reminds me of the enron crisis...

josephayal2354d ago

Good, Now Give me my $60 BACK

Number_132354d ago

We know you probably didn't even buy it.

Maximus Corruptor2354d ago

Funny thing is Rockstar founder Ryan Brant was forced to sell his stakes from the company because of tax fraud, his father Peter Brant was jailed for tax evasion and I'm sure Ryan still is a player somehow in the company. Only makes you think where the he'll all that money is going?