AT&T offering credit to Uverse subscribers for Xbox Live Gold

AT&T's U-verse is making the leap from Silver to Gold service only on Xbox Live. The company is apparently sending notice of the change to its customers and offering a one-time $60 bill credit in order to soften the blow.

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ddelella2479d ago

Failure #1: Going to gold only...Failure #2: Only offering a 1-time amount instead of a monthly discount...Failure #3: Offering an expensive service which doesn't compare to it's cable counter part in price or channels

gamingdroid2479d ago

In case you didn't notice, to use the regular receiver that AT&T provides IT COST $7/month!

I'm not even sure if that receiver will support HD or DVR, if not count on that being an additional fee.

Now that $40/year fee doesn't sound that bad does it if you have an Xbox 360.

qwertyz2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )


lol bubble +

Tres212479d ago

well dat dont make much sense so do u get credit or how does it affect a family acct?

& i wonder if comcast is gonna do the same thing