If Resident Evil franchise didn't branch out "people would be really sick," of it, says Kawata

Resident Evil producer Masachika Kawata has said if the series didn’t branch out a bit from its survival horror roots, “people would be really sick,” of the series.

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jc485732625d ago

they would be surprised that I only own the core titles of the franchise. I don't even own Mercenaries, Outbreak, or even Umbrella Chronicles.

2625d ago
KillerPwned2625d ago

The only side RE title I own is Darkside Chronicles and I gotta say that game is actually very fun. If you got a Wii give it a try sometime. Other then that the core RE titles are were it is all at.

Venox20082625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

umbrella chronicles is good too :) ...but yes, only RE cores are good.. (didn't like RE5 though) :) ..but I would love to see a turn based RE, like old Final Fantasy 8 or 7 style, but with better graphics and maybe in RE2 universe

Pozzle2624d ago

I liked Darkside Chronicles, but I wasn't too happy with how much Capcom changed the story. I was hoping for an updated version of Code Veronica, and ended up with a condensed version. Very disappointing. :(

Baka-akaB2625d ago

Actually we are sick because you keep branching out and havent done a real resident evil game in ages .

LightSamus2625d ago

There's branching out and there's making stuff that only vaguely resembles classic Resident Evil. Stop making excuses and give us the Resi game we all want.


They should do like in the older days and have two Resident Evil franchises.

The main one for the numbered, canon releases that actually have what this series used to be about... And for god's sake enough with the daylight, plenty of ammo and inteligent zombie crap, listen to your fans for a change, also if you insist on the shooter mechanics, at least make us able to move and aim at the same time...

Then have something in the lines of Biohazard/Gun Survivor, here Capcom can throw all the crap they want: coop games, motion shooters, TPS... card games for all I care! Just make it clear when a game is a Resident Evil and when it's a spin off with some stupid elements that don't belong into RE, so we know what to expect.

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Donnywho2625d ago

Resident Evil 5 was a pretty good game but you lost all my respect with it. Gone was all the extra content that we were used to in a RE game and here was DLC.

-Go make a survivor horror RE with all that free extra goodness or go fuck yourselves, honestly. No one wants to play your online shooter.

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The story is too old to be commented.