Games We Want Remade - Timesplitters: Future Perfect

ObnoxiousGamer: Timesplitters: Future Perfect is a game that received its popularity on the X-Box, PS2 and Gamecube and is due for an HD remake.

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DigitalRaptor2509d ago

No remake - I would much prefer a BRAND NEW Timesplitters experience on consoles!

ObnoxiousGamer2509d ago

A new timesplitters would be awesome, but if we were only to get a Future Perfect remake I'd still be happy.

Dovahkiin2508d ago

Loved the series, if only they would actually do this.

earbus2508d ago

Not one game i want remade i was happy the first time i played them remakes are just lame, like a cover band.

Relientk772508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

I would prefer Timesplitters 4

If u are gonna remake this game, don't only do this game also remake Timesplitters 2 as well. Both games are amazing, two of the best shooters on the PS2

Adolph Fitler2508d ago

Brand new Timesplitters that plays, runs as silky sixty frames per sex smooth as TS2, has the level design & basic all round production quality, developement passion as TS2 & has that total, awesome, fun factor that both TS1 & TS2 had over part 3. Seriously, TS1 gets no credit for how truly awesome it was, & is in fact more responsible for eating up more time (I could have spent finishing more single player PS2 campaigns), than both 2 & 3 in it's awesomely addictive split screen multiplayer was Goldeneye evolved by 10000 times in multiplayer.
And the best thing about the single player game, was the very thing most stupid ass reviewers & critics scored it down for, in the fact that it swayed totally away from the expected story heavy traditional fps. It's single player was more fun than any other shooter before it, & most after as well. It was pure gameplay bliss, unmatched framerate that made Halo look half the speed & play like a slow dog comapred to, as well as not comparing to the responsive, twitch, perfect splitters controls.

Splitters 1 & 2 mostly, are still my fave fps's of all time, made for consoles to absolute perfection...They get nowhere near enough credit than they deserve, as Goldeneye & Halo cop all the accolades.....well actually, COD:MW now....But lets just take that last example & if we examine what makes COD so is it's awesome multiplayer experience, that is made so by having tight as a fishes ass controls, a 60 frame per sec. frame rate, and as later introduced....the ever popular Zombie mode.....Timesplitters 1 had every one of these qualities way before COD trailed Free Radicals footsteps.

Give us the fun & all other attributes of TS1 & 2, but with Crysis visuals. Just the latest downloadable Crysis visuals is good enough, as they are classy as hell. In fact I d/lded the game as soon as it hit psn, & while it is an awesome game & one of the best looking console games thus far......I would love to have that setting, but with the fun factor & spirit of the TS series. Crysis PS3 is awesome by the way, every fps & even adventure gamer should download the game immediately if not previously played it.....But be ready, as I am playing on normal, with autoaim turned off & it is harder than a motherfucka.

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