New The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim details

Check out a new batch of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim details from Game Informer.

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Jacks_Medulla2545d ago

Skyrim slaps Dark Souls and tells it to shut up.

Eamon2545d ago

My wallet says hi to both.

undercovrr2545d ago

The problem with Dark Souls is that it only appeals to the niche Uber Hardcore Gamer. A few of my friends including myself tried Demon's Souls and did not like the difficulty level. We play games to have fun, not to get our asses handed to us constantly and throw a remote through the TV

Kahvipannu2545d ago

undercovrr has a point, DS is pretty hardcore, which I like personally, but it's not everybody's cup of cake. Tought Skyrim also isn't game for every gamer, it's far from casual, it's hardcore too, but more accessible than DS.

Both are a must play for me at some point, with Skyrim I will wait a bit until modding-community gets it's gears running.

This is great year for RPG gamers, Skyrim, DS, Witcher 2.. Insane.

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biRdy2545d ago

This year is great,
Gears of War 3
Uncharted 3
Battlefield 3
Halo Anniversary
The Old Republic

NoOoB1012545d ago

im getting four of those this year =]

Battlefield 3
Old republic.

Will most likely get gear 3 sometime after holidays if not during the holidays =D

Mgs4isOverrated2545d ago

lol ^ what a fanboy. Gears3 is the only one out of all those with the highest score. Wonder why you're holding out on it. hmmmmm....

limewax2545d ago

Im a bit curious how it apparently has a higher score than games which are not released...elaborate if you feel you can.

But if you really want to play scores, GeOW3 scored lower than GeOW2, which was a failure of a game. Even if 3 is better the scores don't say so, so why you trust them so much?

2545d ago
NoOoB1012542d ago

im a fanboy for not getting gears 3 right away? ok..

I never really got into gears but i guess i have to have it since mgs says so =/

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Apocwhen2544d ago


Batman Arkham City
Zelda: Skyward Sword

SITH2545d ago

I thought pic 7 was Azuras shrine. I hope it has that good like voice when you summon her. It looks twice larger than past shrines. Freaking epic.

mjsmufc992545d ago

Skyrim and Uncharted fighting it out for GOTY 2011

Ezetta2545d ago

You forgot Skyward Sword! But whatever, cause I'm buying em' all!

TheOtherTheoG2544d ago

And Portal 2. Come on, 95 Metacritic, it's got to get at least some recognition.