X-Men Destiny Review - Critical Hit!

Critical Hit!: "Have you ever played X-Men Legends? How you answer this question will go a long way in determining what you’ll think of X-Men Destiny. If you answered “no,” chances are you’ll find X-Men Destiny to be a fairly solid though not spectacular modern beat-em-up/brawler. You might even enjoy it, and consider it a pretty decent comic book game.

But if you answered “yes” to the above question, you’re probably going to feel like you’re playing a third-person behind-view version of X-Men Legends with half the features removed. The absence of a four person team not only means the game lacks multiplayer, but also makes it feel like you’re playing a version of the beginning “tutorial” level from X-Men Legends that lasts for the entire game. Except without the option to play as an actual X-Man.

Add to that other slightly more subtle details that have gone missing—like the removal of the ability to break random objects in your environment—and you’ve got a game that feels inferior to a previous console generation game. This isn’t X-Men Legends III, this is X-Men Legends Lite."

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