First dragon mob screenshots from Minecraft

Dragons are definitely on their way to Minecraft. Notch is still working on the models themselves so the textures haven't been finished yet. You can expect to see dragons in the next version of Minecraft, this is Minecraft beta 1.10.

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Xof2540d ago

Before adding new monsters, how about adding a special defense block to keep out existing monsters?

Or raising the height cieling?

Still, dragons are cool.

f7897902540d ago

To keep out existing monsters? It's called a wall. After endermen were added, it's now called a lit up wall.

Xof2540d ago

It's called Zombies that spawn in lit up rooms and explode, taking out dozens of tiles.

It's called 10 of those zombies spawning every 5 minutes.

CrimsonEngage2540d ago

Better get rid of those Dragons Notch, otherwise Bethesda might sue you for having those in your game too...

*this is a joke btw. No one take it seriously*

earbus2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Well thats me done it has dragons i will never play it,just like any game or movie i refuse to watch or play if it has dragons they may as well put barbie in it or santa heck why not the tooth fairy.

DjJaneiro2539d ago

So its turning into a medieval rpg?

Kran2538d ago

"Would you like to play Elder Scrolls?"


*gives game*

"But... this is Minecraft..."

"YUP! :)"