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Gears’ Cliff Bleszinski: MLG’s Exclusive Q&A Part 2

Yesterday, MLG brought you the first part of our three-part Q&A with Cliffy B as he discussed Epic's experience with the Gears of War 3 beta, spectator mode and DLC. Check out part 2 below where Cliff talks to MLG about the future of competitive multiplayer, getting the most out of the current console generation and why you probably won't see Gears on PC. (Cliff Bleszinski, Cliffy B, Epic, Epic Games, Gears of War, Gears of War 3, Industry, Xbox 360)

earbus  +   1334d ago
Only things i dont like in gears 3 is claudia black and ice t both you just want to shoot to shut up ,i found the same thing in uncharted 2 her voice is the same not one bit of change she sounds like a truckers wife trollip in both,not all aussie woman sound like they have a secret ball.
newhumanbreed  +   1334d ago
I love Sam...
TheClown  +   1334d ago
MLG is a joke.

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