DICE: BF3 on "PS3... A Focus From The Start" and Caspian Border on Console Beta a Possibility

"In the opinion of many gamers, many recent multiplatform games seem slightly, but noticeably under-developed on the ported platforms when produced with a lead platform in mind." - MP1st

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Dart892418d ago

Plz let Caspian Border come to consoles also for the beta.I'm sure many feel that way also.

Mister_V2418d ago

I really hope so man. But we're getting down to the wire! Hopefully it's possible.

Nitrowolf22418d ago

Man Caspean Border is the Map Console players have to try. Maybe they will release a new demo near release. Hopefully

deadpoole2418d ago

I simply just dont care if PS3 is gonna have high rez tex file which Ihave to install it on PS3 HDD ... I got plenty of space and I dont care if BF3 takes 10Gigs of my HDD space ... make it happen DICE.

On Topic ... Excited about Caspian Border to be released as Beta .... :))))

Mister_V2418d ago

@deadpoole Yeah it seems the 360 is also going to have this rez tex file to be installed as well. And don't worry, we have to deal with 2 disks hehe.

zeeshan2418d ago

This whole PS3 install size and Number of disk on 360 issue is over rated. If anything, I'd LOVE to see SONY allow us to install games on PS3 like we can on 360. It loads the game fast and the textures can be pure awesome!

I played Fallout 3 and Fallout NV on 360 with disk and it was hell slow. Then I installed these games and it becomes a lot smoother and loads quickly. Caspian Border on PS3/360 on yes, please make it happen during beta!

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WANNAGETHIGH2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

They are very stupid for giving this map we have now in the beta.. Every one knows BF is mostly about vehicles so what in the world where they thinking giving us a broken map with no vehicles???

Criminal2418d ago

It's fun map, but you're spot on. It does NOT represent what Battlefield really is about. New players aren't getting the real BF experience.

KwietStorm2418d ago

it's pretty obvious who they were trying to attract

makingdamage2417d ago

Criminal: I would say that only the pc players get the real battlefield experience. I´ve been looking for this experience since Dice first launched battlefield on ps3 and still havent found it - the low numbers of players on console just can´t give me the big scale battlefield experience.

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Corax2418d ago

I rather them focus on polishing up the console version and fixing all the bugs than taking time to make a beta release of this on console. They can however for not letting console owners be in the Caspian Border beta give us an extension on the beta already out.

Hufandpuf2418d ago

I'll play Caspian when It's final version. No point in playing on the old beta build.

evrfighter2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Id play the old beta build over a new cod any day of the week. Ya I was one of those guys spamming refresh for half an hour trying to get in the server and playing for hours when I got in.

I would never do that for metro. if you're saying that because you didn't get to try caspian before. sucks to be you

Criminal2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

I still haven't played Caspian Border, but it reminds me of one of the maps on 1943. It was a U shaped island, can't recall the name. But, that map was great! I'm sure Caspian will be even better than that one, specially with frostbite 2 and jets.

Hufandpuf2418d ago


The U shaped map is called Wake Island. It's a classic BF map that has been in every one of the main BF games. Strike at Karkand is just as popular, but it didn't get a remake until now.

I'm not "just saying that". You've taken my whole comment out of context. I'll play it when it's finished.

Criminal2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

I like developers that try to optimize their games on all platforms. I know it's not possible with all games because it depends on the budget they were given

geth1gh2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

No way, they are just saying that to get heat off their back.

I mean capsian border was INCLUDED with the pc beta from the start, you just couldn't get into rooms without a password. The pc download was almost 4gb, the consoles were around 1.3gb.

Dice was just telling us about how old this beta build was because of the authentication it had to go through for months with microsoft and sony.

Now they are saying there might add caspian border to the console betas with 3 days left of the beta? They would have known if it was going to happen for sure or not long before the beta even started. That is if what they have been telling us is true about the reasoning for giving us the old build.

No way and I am ashamed they would even try to tell us something like that.

Criminal2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Yeah, I think you're right there's a slim chance of this actually happening. Unless they extend the beta for another week or so. I just can't wait to play caspain border.

Fil1012417d ago

pleeeeaaaaaaaaaase extend the beta, it's the only game i've been playing.

OcelotRigz2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Ah man, i was delighted when i read this because im dying to play on Caspian Border after too many hours on Metro. But unfortunately the points you made make sense and it does indeed seem very unlikely they will add the map.

Then again Aeon below makes a good point too, maybe because of the bad reaction to the beta, especially people stressing that they should of showed off a bigger map and vehicles to really demonstrate what Battlefield is all about, then just maybe there's a chance they want to fix that. Heres hoping.

pocketaces112418d ago

People are expecting too much now aday's... me me me... is all I hear.

A BETA is for TESTING not for experiencing the full game. They probably wanted to test the servers. If you want to experience the full game don't play the BETA. If you want to help them test and polish a bit more and see some of the game before launch then join the BETA and give constructive feed back on bugs and glitches.

Sorry off topic but so are some of the comments I guess

This also is more of a rant not an attack at anybody specifically I just find the bad press they are getting might be a little over done as usual.

geth1gh2418d ago

Everyone disagreed with me and commented back with responses that are beside the point.

I HAVE THE PC BETA therefore I will be able to play caspian border all weekend.

I don't freaking care if it is on the beta or not. I will be able to play it in a few weeks.

My problem is my favorite gaming developer is openly telling stuff to the public that they know isn't going to happen.

Fil1012417d ago

yep I agree fully with what you say plus maybe in 2 or 3 years when BF4 is upon us dice might jus give the general public the finger to a open beta because of all the shit they been getting and jus have a closed beta for invites only. it's a shame I think they give us a taste and everybody moans at it, me personally cannot get enough of it I love it.

tmoss7262418d ago

It's not like it matters that much....The game is coming out in like 3 weeks anyways.

geth1gh2417d ago

Jesus I give up on posting comments on n4g, they barley skim over the comment and post back to a point I wasn't even trying to make.

Point, dice lies intentionally....

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Adexus2418d ago

Dice: "Caspian Border is not going out to the public"
*Few days later*
Dice: "Caspian Border is open to the public now"

Honestly, I think this is almost a response to the backlash the beta has gotten, just my opinion, the beta is great even though I still don't like Operation Metro! :P

iceman062418d ago

Sure it's probably a reaction to the negative press that Operation Metro has gotten. Those that KNOW the game Battlefield have to know that this is not at all representative of the full game. (or at least they should) Those that don't will get a taste of the open map, vehicle driven war that Battlefield truly is.

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