DICE on the lack of vehicles in BF3 beta, future Bad Company possibilities

Speaking to The Guardian, Battlefield 3 producer Patrick Liu discussed the game's ongoing beta as well as other projects DICE may (or may not) have in the works. When asked about the disappointment expressed over the lack of vehicles in the beta, Liu put it down to the fact that it is indeed a beta test

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raWfodog2544d ago

"He added that DICE doesn't plan on making Battlefield an annual title, largely because they don't want to hand development of any Battlefield game to another studio."

But what about EA? What if they want 'annual' releases of BF games? Does DICE have 100% control over their IPs?

Reborn2544d ago

Well, if this hits the big money, then possibly EA would see why it's good to give them time.

On the other hand, if it does well, they may have to use some 'force'.

gamingdroid2544d ago

Didn't EA pioneer the annual release with their sports games?

They certainly pioneered online passes and shutting out competition by blocking with contracts instead of a better product.

Noticeably_FAT2544d ago

I'm sensing a annual Battlefield game. They will probably hand off Bad Company to another developer and then we'll see Battlefield games every year, switching with Bad Company games every year. Just like Treyacrch and IW does with COD.

Look for it!

Farsendor12544d ago

that would really stink but i don't see bf34 anytime soon it took them a pretty long time to bring out bf3

gamingdroid2544d ago

Yeah, and the result wasn't very pretty despite all the hype.

Farsendor12544d ago

well i think the game turned out very well they didn't have the best map for multiplayer but it still felt like battlefield even on an infantry map.